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A Visual Pattern Preview and Giveaway

Hillside Blooms is knit up in a stunningly beautiful hand-dyed yarn. The perfect balance of lace and texture, along with gentle curving lines, really brings this design together. Stay tuned for this shawlette knitting pattern (which I LOVE to wear as a scarf)! (NOW Available - the #210 Hillside Blooms Shawlette)


the image above.


the above image.

A bold heart is the centerpiece of this quick knit! A departure from my usual designs, but this one was so fun and quick (took me just over an hour to knit one hat!) AND I learned a fabulous technique for working Intarsia in the round that was so easy! PLUS, I made this matched set (one for DH) with just 1 skein of each color. Woohoo! [NOTE - This pattern has been released: #209 Big-Hearted Hat]Big_Heart3_500

the hat image above.

There are some lace patterns that practically beg to be worked up in a delicate mohair silk. This was definitely one of them. The result is a very feminine, flowy scarf that is super budget-friendly and a great travel project! I'm almost finished knitting this one-ball scarf and will begin writing it up very soon! (NOW available - the #211 Chalice One-Ball Scarf)


the above scarf.


ENTER TO WIN a copy of your TWO choices (of the above) as soon as they get released!


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All entries must be before 9pm PST, March 31st, 2015.

Then, I'll randomly choose 3 winners from all entries. Each winner can choose TWO of the above patterns to win.

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Additionally, I will email winners directly, so please be SURE to include your correct email on the comment posting form. 

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*** Announcing the Winners! ***

Congrats to . . . Suzi Smith (commented on 3/7/15), Ife Davis (who pinned and commented on 3/12/15), and Cathy Plittman (who pinned and commented on 3/4/15).

You've each won your choice of 2 individual patterns. Choose from these previewed here or from my whole collection. Winners have been emailed.



Here's my link:

Helen King

I love the Hillside Blooms and the Noe Valley Sweater.

Jennifer Gray

I've purchased patterns from you in the past and have never been disappointed. I'd love the hillside bloom and the mohair scarf pattern. Beautiful!


Love Hillside Blooms :-)
Greetings from Denmark

Jasmine Browne

I love the top shawl! Here's my link

Astrid Lower

There is no such thing as boring knitting with your patterns. Would love to receive the Hillside Blooms and mohair silk scarf patterns esp. as move into fall Down Under.

Christiane Alber

here's my pin: I am so in love with this pattern I pinned, I hope I'm gonna win, so I can finally get and knit the Garden Stroll Stole! All the best from germany, Christiane



I love the Hillside Blooms shawlette. It looks great in that yarn.
I also love the lacy fingerless mitts No 87.

Jo Derouin

I love the hillside bloom pattern


Hillside Blooms is gorgeous! I'd love to make it :-)

Kokokiri Stavroula

I would love to have the Hillside Blooms and mohair silk scarf patterns I like how delicate the look.


I can see me knitting and wearing Hillside Blooms. It's lovely!

Kate L

Here's my pin! That purple shawlette is absolutely stunning! I have just the yarn for it too!

Lin chiswell

Love the Hillside Blooms shrug, I think almost everyone does! And the delicate scarf.....

Carolyn Craft
love the Hillside Blooms and the heart hats. Hope I posted this right


Here is my pin :
I love this Hillside Bloom !


I've added this to my Grey Cardigans board:


I love your patterns. Here is my pin link

Lindame Rumsey

The Hillside Blooms shawl is stunning!

Tammie Hall

The Hillside Blooms and the mohair scarf are so beautiful!!! Both of these would be lovely additions to my accessories!

Debbie Wenzel


I love your lace work so much. Can't wait for this pattern.

Sandra Miles

I love Hillside Blooms and the mohair scarf patterns.

Debbie Wenzel

Hills and blooms has a lovely soft hand andi would enjoy knitting this shawlette.


hillside blooms is beautiful and just in time for spring,


This is sooo soft and pretty!!


I really appreciate your trademark style. The latest patterns, Hillside Bloom and Chalice Scarf are already 2 of my favorites.

Robin D

I really love the Shawlett


I love the Hillside Blooms and the Top-down Floral cape !

Sally Bottle

Can't wait to get my hands on Hillsode Blooms and that gorgeous silk mohair scarf. Don't be too long!

Cathy Plittman Love this shawlette.

Erin Sepe


Love them all.. Here is my link..


I love Hillside Blooms!

Laurel Choate

Here's the link to my pin. Very cute!

Victoria Waterbury

I would love to make the Hillside Blooms shawl.

Debie Taylor

Here is my link:
and I would love to do these two that are posted. Many thanks

Roberta A

I don't "pin", but I would love to make Hillside blooms, and the Noe valley tunic


I like the Hillside Blooms pattern. The colour is pretty and the cablework shows it off beautifully.

Kerri Skrudland

Hillside Blooms is lovely.

Marilyn Maher

I love Hillside Blooms and Diamonds and Lace sweater. Loved your Don't Ruche Me.


Hillside blooms is just what I have been looking for!!

Ellen Miller

Love the new Hillside Blooms !!

Caryn Stellman

I would love to make "Hillside Blooms" and the "Open Hearts" Shawlette!! I am presently working on the chunky girls top down cardigan and have 4 more to go!!! Thanks for all of the great patterns you offer to your followers!

Diana VanAlstyne

I have the perfect mohair for that lace scarf!!! :-)

Rita Miller

Janice Silvia

Here is my pin:

Elise Abrahams

I love the hillside blooms, as I live in Malta it will be fab for the spring and early summer nights.

Sandra Bennetch

I love the shawlette (beautiful lace) and have some mohair just waiting for the scarf.

Charlsie land

Absolutely love Hillside Blooms!


I have pinned the Hillside Blooms at and look forward to knitting it. So pretty and feminine and that little bit of warmth my shoulders still need in the cool weather. Thank you, Sweater Babe, for coming up with such lovely patterns.

Amber Z
I especially love the Hillside Blooms wrap!


I love the Hillside Blooms and the mohair lace. Your patterns are always fun and flirty. I feel like a girlie girl in them <3


I already have some nice mohair waiting for knitting this scarf ;-)
Here are my pins :

Dianne Moore

The Hillside_Blooms5_500 is gorgeous! Here's the URL

Ruth Perkins

I would LOVE to get my hands (and needles) on the Hillside Blooms pattern!


Love this!

Lisa Patrick

I love Hillside Blooms but my sister-in-law wants me to make her a hat. I love the hearts on the new hat pattern but also love your cabled hats.


Love Hillside Blooms and the lovely airy green scarf. Here are my pins:

Lisa Kastl

Barbara Neal

I'd love to win the patterns for Hillside blooms and the beautiful mohair scarf


Hard to pick just 2! Love the Hillside Blooms and the Bold Hearted Hat!


I can't wait to knit Hillside Blooms and the scarf. I love that your patterns use beautiful lace patterns in different weight yarns.

Cathy Lemak

Definitely Hillside Blooms! Living in Southern Arizona, it is the perfect size to wear over my shoulders first thing in the morning, and then switch to a scarf-style as the day warms up. And back to a shawl when the A/C is blowing too much.

Robyn Buschke

Hillside Blooms. So pretty.

Norma horan

I have pinned both Hillside Blooms and the mohair scarf, but cannot figure out where the URL is so I can copy it to my post :-(


My friend has been sad. I think your lovely heart hat would cheer her up and show we care. And I love the look of the flowy scarf. All three are yummy.

Debbie Mehlfeder

I would love to make Hillside Blooms!

Mye Thompson

Love the Hillside Blooms shawlette! I like being able yo use it as a shawl or scarf.

Trish Weber

Each pattern I complete becomes a favorite. I can't wait for a chance to try the shawlette! I've added it to my pintrest site:

Bonnie McCuskey

I love your new Hillside Blooms Shawlette and the Mohair scarf. They are both beautiful and would love to have them join your other patterns I have completed!

Thank you!


Lyndee Pitiak

I love the hillside blooms and the mohair scarf patterns!

EJ Frost

I would be honored to knit any of your patterns! Here are my links...

Thank you for this opportunity!

Anne Celani

Love the Hillside Blooms shawlette

Jody Hall

I like the Hillside Blooms Shawlette. Here's my pin:

JKnits51 on Ravelry

Emily Gibson

Hillside is so beautiful! And the Chalice scarf is on my wishlist too!

Lyn Poirier for the Garden Stroll Stole


THe Hillside Blooms and the Chalice scarf are gorgeous!

Lyn Poirier


Mary Martha Aponte

Please, the Hillside Bloom Scarfette and the Bold Heart Hat!
Thank you kindly!!!

Cynthia Stevens

I have always loved #141 Whispering Leaves and Tumbling Leaves. I guess I have a thing for leaves! Thanks for having such modern patterns, even my granddaughter loves them.

Debbie B.

I'm obsessed with your MKAL's!!!!


Pinned the garden stroll :)

Toni Seger

I'm not on Pinterest, but I would choose Hillside Blooms and the lace scarf. Both are exquisite. I've enjoyed quite a few of your patterns and I love your conception which is to eliminate seams and let the work flow.


Pinned two --

Thanks for the giveaway!

Debbie Nothdurft

I love the scarf and Hillside Blooms!

Becky W

Two way wrap cardigan!! And I oinned it!!!

Nancy Haffner

I love the scarf and Hillside Blooms. Thanks!


Hillside Blooms is stunning, and the hat is darling!


I love this poncho!


i pinned 2 because i really like the lace
Hillside Blooms looks good and the lace scarf is gorgeous

Pam Lehmann

I LOVE the Hillside Blooms shawlette!

Lori Sutton

Oh my, choosing is hard. I love all of your creations. I do believe that the Hillside Blooms would be my first choice between the 3.


I love the Hillside Blooms:

Brianna Nikolai

These are beautiful! I would love to do Hillside Blooms! It looks great and imagine it'd be perfect for those colder summer days that I'm hoping will be here soon! :)

karen dewillers

I love the hats. Usually I am intimidated by super lacey or cabled patterns. But the hats I feel I could accomplish,

Carolyn Johnson

Your Hillside Blooms shawlette looks lovely and I also love your Snowdrops and Curved Leaf Lace scarf. Both would be treasured patterns :-)

Phyllis Kurtzman

Oh, How I would Love To have Hillside Blooms Shawlette,, The color you made it in is a great color for me.

Everyone that you have posted is beautiful. Not just saying this,, .This is my favorite of the three, as I said
they are all beautiful, but wearing Hillside Blooms is more my every day type of Shawl.

Linda Martin

Love the shawlette ... my pin here:

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