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Pattern Pick: Karissa Shawl by SweaterBabe

Knitting Skill Levels


By popular demand, SweaterBabe knitting patterns are now categorized by knitting skill level!

To help you make your next project choice from among the hundreds of SweaterBabe patterns, I've organized them into different skill levels.

Hopefully, these skill levels will help guide you to the subset of patterns that fit your needs. 

The NEW Skill Level Categories are:

Experienced: For those that love more intricate cables or lace, these experienced patterns use more advanced techniques and stitches. Some feature short rows, fair isle, or more intricate cables or lace. Shaping and finishing may be a little more involved. As always, cables and lace are always charted AND written unless explicitly noted on the pattern page.

Intermediate 2: The stitch patterns or shaping here are more involved than with Intermediate Level 1 patterns. Some patterns include short rows, working in the round, slightly more advanced cable techniques or lace techniques, etc. Cables and lace are always charted AND written unless explicitly noted on the pattern page.

Intermediate 1: This level of patterns includes more complex lace or cables, with shaping and sometimes picking up of stitches. Some patterns are worked in the round.

Advanced Beginner 2: A step up from Advanced Beginner 1 in terms of stitchwork, mainly. Stitches include fairly simple lace, cables, and colorwork with a little more involvement. Some patterns may be knit in the round and involve picking up stitches along a straight edge.

Advanced Beginner 1: For beginners ready to move beyond Stockinette and Garter stitch, these patterns include simple lace, basic cables, and some color changes. Shaping is still simple.

Beginner: These patterns involve basic knit and purl stitches. Some patterns may have basic increases or decreases and a simple seam.

Each SweaterBabe knitting pattern has been slotted into one of the above skill levels.

That being said, it's just a guideline to help you assess which patterns might work for the skills you currently know or wish to be challenged by! 

Happy knitting!


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