SweaterBabe's Top 10 Patterns of 2019!
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Cowls for Every Season and Reason!


It's almost always cowl season! Especially when there are so many different cowl knitting patterns to choose from! Whether you need a quick knit chunky one for the colder temps or as a gift, a delicate lace number as a pretty accessory that's easy to carry with you, or anything in between - SweaterBabe has lots of great options!

Checkout the ones featured above or view all SweaterBabe Cowl, Scarf, & Shawl Knitting Patterns.
[from top, left; then, clockwise]

  1. NEW! The Analia Cowl. Delicate lace and intertwining cable panels combine to make this super soft and lightweight cowl. So great as a travel accessory! Also on Ravelry.
  2. Luxe Infinity Scarf. This infinity scarf is a simple big loop, knit in the round on long circular needles. The stitch pattern is fabulous, so be sure to choose a yarn with great stitch definitions. Also on Ravelry.
  3. Tiered Eternity Scarf. This eternity scarf is a lovely mix of two gorgeous textures, a leaf lace and a simple textured stitch, that combine effortlessly into an easy-to-wear accessory. Also on Ravelry.
  4. Double Cabled Cowl. This cowl features a wonderfully easy double cable pattern to add lots of textural interest. It knits up quickly in the round (no seams!) and can be worn like a folded-over turtleneck or scrunched down for a cool, slouchy look. Maybe it's time to try out cables? Also on Ravelry
  5. Lyra Cowl. A chunky cowl ideal for quick knitting on size 13 needles and bold texture! This one starts with a simple, seed stitch border, then transitions into the main lace pattern. Also on Ravelry.
  6. Luna One-Ball Cowl. New to knitting or just want to knit up a simple project? This beginner-level cowl may be just the ticket! It's knit in the round with just a little bit of simple shaping for a great fit. Also on Ravelry.

Which cowl will you knit next?

View ALL SweaterBabe.com Cowl, Scarf, and Shawl Knitting Patterns.

View ALL SweaterBabe.com Cowl and Scarf patterns on Ravelry.


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