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FREE Pattern Pick: Bias Ribbon Scarf by SweaterBabe


FREE Pattern Pick: 
Bias Ribbon Scarf
by SweaterBabe.com
(free ONLY until 4/30/20. On Ravelry too.)

Knitting on the diagonal is a novel concept. This scarf takes full advantage of the idea –making for a fun-to-knit scarf with a cool, angular vibe.

The neatly shaped ends get even more emphasis with whimsical pom pom accents.

The diagonal diamond stitch pattern gives the appearance of alternating solid and lacy ribbons running the length of the scarf. Each lacy ribbon has little openwork diamonds shapes punctuated with little nupps that give the scarf lots of textural and visual interest. Plus, the stitch pattern is only a 6-row repeat that you will easily learn.

Knit-in garter stitch edgings all around create a tailored and fast finish.

The scarf blocks out beautifully in a classic wool with a nice, flat finish. . . . >

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