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Pattern Pick: Laguna Ribbed Scarf by SweaterBabe

Laguna Ribbed Scarf
Laguna Ribbed Scarf
by SweaterBabe

A ribbed scarf knit up in a precious yarn is an instant classic. This one steps it up a few notches by combining three eye-catching colors with a uniquely pleasing ribbed pattern.

The stitch pattern is easy to follow once it's established over a few rows. It's then repeated over and over, creating the gentle waves. At the same time, colors are alternated in big sections with some double sections thrown in for impact.

Choose colors, like the ones shown here, for a visually stunning end result that could be gifted to any important male or female on your list. AND, both sides of the ribbed pattern look great, making this scarf wonderfully reversible!

The scarf is an easily wearable length and width to please most anyone, especially if knit up in an alpaca blend, like the yarn used here. A cashmere blend would also be an optimal choice! Ribbed stitch pattern is charted and written. This scarf could also be knit up in a single yarn, either slightly variegated or solid. . . . >

Available on Ravelry too.

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