#77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan

Top 10 Knitting Patterns from 2017

TOP 10 Knitting patterns
Here are the TOP 10 Knitting Patterns from SweaterBabe. Which one will you knit next?

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1) Wild Iris Blanket. A lovely all-over lace pattern with just simple decreases and yarnovers. Pattern includes multiple sizes. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

2) Riley Scarf (bottom left). Two cable panels with bold impact run the length of this pull-through scarf. Instructions include a traditional longer scarf as well. Pattern also available on Ravelry

3) Annalisse Stole (bottom right). Vintage-inspired lace with nupps is featured at both ends of this generous stole. The center lace section is a little simpler, but equally pretty. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

4) Riley Fingerless Gloves. A beautiful fingerless gloves set with a pretty cable motif. Great for stash-busting, especially if you have that lonely cashmere ball of yarn. Pattern also available on Ravelry. Matching Riley Hat and Riley Pull-Through Scarf patterns available too!

5) SweaterBabe.com's 3 Best Blankets eBook. Three best-selling blanket patterns in one eBook. All designs come in multiple sizes. This eBook also available on Ravelry.

6) Adaline Scarf. A single hank of beautiful hand-dyed fingering weight yarn knits up into this beautiful, lacy scarf. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

7) Chalice One-Ball Scarf (top right). A very pretty lace pattern that only uses basic decreases and yarn overs evolves nicely as it runs the length of the scarf. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

8) Big Cable Stole. A big, bold all-over cable is truly eye-catching in this fabulously soft and warm stole. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

9) Mirabella (top left). A draped neckline sweater with lovely lace front and slim sleeves. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

10) Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan. This longtime, best-selling cardigan project is top-down and a cozy addition to any wardrobe. Works up quickly on size 11 needles. Pattern also available on Ravelry.

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Measuring Knitting Gauge

Here's some advice I gave to a knitter working on the very popular #77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan knitting pattern.  The gauge for this pattern is a little unusual - 8 sts over 3" in St st, but correct! 

The suggestions I made for her might be helpful to anyone who wonders about how to match the gauge of a pattern. . .

Hello SweaterBabe!
I'm having trouble matching the gauge on pattern 77 (topdown vine lace cardigan). I can get 8 st/3" on 13 needles but then I have about 14 rows/4". If I use 11 needles I get the rows right but am more like 10 st/3". Is the gauge duo as listed, 8st/3" and 17rows/4", correct? (I suspect from absence of comment on this on your blog that it is, but wanted to confirm before launching in probably with size 13 needles).

-- Best, Sarah O.

Hi Sarah O.,
Yes - the gauge is correct as stated. I think it's most important to get the st gauge right on. AND, I would be sure to measure the gauge across a wide swatch, even 5" or so so you get a true average.

Please be sure to measure the gauge in the middle of the swatch, away from your CO or BO edges, and to block the swatch first and let it completely dry.

Hopefully some of those things may help get the 10sts/3" that you are achieving on the size 11 needles up a bit?? OR it could be that the yarn you are using will not work? Could it be that it is too thin?

The Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky is a true bulky with enough fullness in the yarn to fill in the holes. . . I don't know what yarn you are using.

Anyhow, that is my recommendation. If after all that, the size 13 needles are still closer to the gauge, then you can try those and watch the length as you go. . . as you may wish to adjust for the difference in row gauge throughout, which should be easier given this is a top-down design that you can try on as you go. Hope that helps!

-- Best, SweaterBabe

Hi SweaterBabe,
Thank you so much, this is very helpful! I think I'm going to go with the smaller needles and make the sweater one size up. (I've done the math and it should work out OK.)

My wool is definitely less bulky than yours (though it is bulky) and it doesn't look right on 13 needles. I know this is a bit risky but I think it will be OK, and I should be able to block the finished thing to make it a big roomier if I need to.

-- Best, Sarah O.

Hi Sarah,
Great! And now for sure I agree with your decision to go with the size 11. You definitely don't want to use the 13's if with the yarn you are using it looks too loose and holey. Knit on!

-- SweaterBabe

Buy the #77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan knitting pattern here.

Rosi's Vine Lace Cardigan

Vine Cardigan 4Here's a fresh version of the ever-popular #77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan from Rosi G. of Staten Island, NY.

The gorgeous shade of blue is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in Seafoam #23.

Here is what Rosi has to say about this project:

"When in need of a stylish cardigan quickly, this is a great pattern to knit. The pattern is very well written with detailed instructions for each and every size.

I've worn the sweater constantly all winter. The thick collar feels soft and warm under my wool coat. The pockets are a cute detail and quite useful, particularly at the office, to hold lip balm, tissue and my ID card."

Wonderful color choice, Rosi!  So bright and cheerful.  And I can just imagine how soft and cozy the Cashmerino must be.  Such a luxury!

Thanks for sharing!

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Vine Cardigan 5

Vine Cardigan 2

Julie's First Cardigan!

Julie's first cardigan is a great example of how the top-down designs of many of the SweaterBabe.com patterns allow you to easily fit your cardigans to your own shape and style!


She knit the very popular #77 Top-Down Vine Lace Cardigan as her very first cardigan project!

She used Rowan RYC Soft Tweed (unfortunately discontinued - too bad!) in color SH 004-Bramble.

Here are her comments on the pattern:

"The pattern was fairly easy to follow, although my gauge was way off so I ended up knitting the xxl size and crossing my fingers that it would come out ok.

The most difficult part of the pattern was making the decreases in the ribbing. I think the pattern should explain this in more detail because it's not easy to do.

I ended up making the sweater longer and added some length to the ribbing at the bottom as well. I also ended up lightly felting it because it grew a lot in blocking. In the end I love the modifications I made and I love the finished sweater!" -- Julie B. from Claymont, DE


LOVE the way it turned out. Such a unique and pretty shade of yarn and cute kid too!

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13-Year Old Emily's Vine Lace Cardigan

"My name is Emily and I'm 13 years old. Quite a few months ago I found your web site through google, and the second I started looking at the patterns I fell in love with the vine lace cardigan.

It took me about 8 months to make it and it was a little trickier than I was used to, but it was worth it. I love how it came up. I did it all by myself, mum only had to show me how to pick up sts for the collar, the rest I worked out alone. I'm about to start the Talia vest. Cant wait! lots of love," -- Emily S. from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Wow - thanks, Emily! You did a terrific job! When did you learn to knit? I was making sweaters too at 13, but I'm not sure I tackled ones like this! You are a talented knitter!

Here are more details from Emily: "I used three strands of spotlight 8ply in chocolate brown. I found it a little tricky to get my head around at first (because I'm not a very experienced knitter) but after a little bit I was ok."

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Details are at: http://blog.sweaterbabe.com/knitting/2009/03/finished-project-photos.html

Top-Down Vine Lace Sisters!

Two sisters knit the #77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan together as their first sweater projects!  Very cool.  AND, they live 2000 miles from each other! 

Check out their different yarn choices and finished results:

On the left, is sister Jane, who used Cascade 109 Tweed #7601.  Her sister, Lisa, knit her version with Reynolds Lopi Medium Borwn Tweed #4035.


"We made the pattern together for moral support (it was the first sweater for both of us and Lisa just started knitting a year ago) .

Even though we live 2000 miles apart. I visit my family 3 times a year, so that's when we'd knit together. We absolutely loved the pattern and it was pretty easy to follow, although we put a few "HELP!!!!s" out to Ravelry. What helpful people on that site, especially Dawn S., also from Oregon.

Changes I made to mine:
1. I made the cuffs 3 1/2" instead of 4" and used #10 needles on them instead of 11s.
2. I also added 2 inches to the sleeves, but since I have money arms (long) I wish I had made them an inch longer. Lisa's were the perfect length and she didn't change anything on the sleeves or cuffs.
3. We both made 5 rows of ribbing on the bottom edge of the sweater instead of 3. We just liked the way that looked.

We loved the top-down pattern, since we're both lazy about sewing pieces together after it's all knit. But It's time for us to stop being lazy." -- Jane R., Eugene, OR


Jane also emailed me:

"We sure love the sweater.  We both want to make another Vine Lace Cardigan, but you've tempted us with other patterns. Help!  We can't stop knitting."

LOVE it!  I'm so happy that this pattern is turning out to be a great intro to sweaters for newer knitters!  AND, the top-down really allows people to adjust the sleeve and body lengths easily, which is one of the many reasons I like the top-down design myself!

Keep these finished gallery photos coming!  It's almost hard to recognize it as the same sweater. . .  To submit your version of a SweaterBabe.com pattern (photos on real people), please read the post on submitting photos and winning free patterns.

Stacey's Vine Lace Cardigan

Here is an addition to our Finished Projects Photo Gallery from Stacey D., Ann Arbor, MI.

Vine lace

Her beautiful finished #77 Vine Lace Top-Down Cardigan used the same Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky as called for in the pattern, but it a very flattering color called Pine Shadows.  And here is what she had to say abou this pattern:

"This pattern is wonderfully written, super-quick, and very fun. The result is a cardigan that is equal parts yummy warmth and flattering fit. It has quickly become my favorite cardigan." -- Stacey D.

Thanks so much, Stacey, for sharing your photo.  Your green heathered color choice highlights the detailing of the cardigan quite nicely!

New Knitting and Crochet Patterns Coming Soon!


Here are two new projects that will be written up soon for the website. 

The first is this lovely, easy to wear long, shaped cardigan. It's done from the top down (yea!), so there is only a little sleeve seaming.  The sleeves are wide, the waist is shaped with a flattering ribbed waistline, and there are two really fun gathered patch pockets in front.  A pretty vine lace panel is worked in the front and the collar is shaped and generous.

Here's the great-looking back view:

Then, there is my new purse!  It's crocheted in a soft cotton/microfiber blend.  LOVE the colors (matches our living room, actually!).

The front and back pieces are crocheted from the center out.  The two pieces are then crocheted together and the strap pieces are crocheted.  Notice the knotted crochet accents that gather the leather straps at the base of each silver ring.  Pretty cool, huh?

The pretty texture of this stitch inspired the whole design!

And here is a view of the great lining fabric I found!  I just loved the graphic floral print!