#82 Talia Shaped Vest

Talia Vest and Super Cute Newsboy make a great knit combo!

IMAG0145_500 Here's a great combo! The #82 Talia Vest (free pattern!) and the #113 Super Cute Newsboy Cap (which includes BABY through Adult size and only needs 1 ball of the yarn!) from Lana T. of Westminster, CA.

She used Drops Karisma superwash in light grey for the Talia Vest and Nashua Handknits creative focus superwash in grey for the Cap.

And here are her comments on both of these great projects:

"I was ecstatic when I came across your website a few months ago because I was looking for a cute pattern for a vest or cardigan to knit.

I fell in love with all your designs because of the lace and cable details. I loved the look of the Talia vest and the cute newsboy cap so I decided to try knitting it for my friend's daughter, as I only have 3 boys.

I just started knitting about 6 months ago, therefore, was very grateful to see the detailed instructions for your patterns.

The pattern kept me so intrigued that it only took me 4 days for the vest and 2 days for the cap. Needless to say, both projects came out perfectly cute and wearable without any headache on my part. IMAG0153_500

I cannot wait to dive into another one of Katherine's design. I've already got 2 lined up in my queue. Thanks again for being so creative. You are a #1 knitter/designer in my book." -- Lana T.

Well, thank you so much, Lana, for sharing your finished projects and for such nice comments! They look perfect for your friend's daughter. Super stylin'! Great work knitting them and you were SO fast!!   And you only just learned to knit 6 months ago.  WOW.  You have either a very good teacher or are just a natural for knitting or both!

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A finished Talia Vest from a new knitter!

Here's another great finished #82 Talia Shaped Vest from Penny S. of Cocoa, FL.  She's a farily new knitter, so tackling this intermediate level project was a nice challenge for her that she conquered with great success!

Penny_Talia3cHere are her comments on this knitting project:

"I have only been knitting for a little over a year. . . have only knitted basic scarves, hats, and a couple stockinette sweaters, but nothing intricate or with a lace pattern.

When I came across your site and saw the unbleievable patterns you create I was completely taken in. I saw the Talia Vest pattern was a free download and wondered if I could even do it. But there were so many confidence builders (especially on Ralvery.com!!!) that I thought maybe, just maybe I could do it.

So, I decided to give it a try. The pattern was beautifully written and easy for me to Penny_Talia2 understand. It was very easy to follow. I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

I have to say it is my favorite knitted piece that I have done. It kept me so motivated with the changing of the stitches that I was able to complete it in just over two weeks, which surprised me. I am so pleased with how nice the vest turned out that I have already started another one, I love it that much!!

Thank you for offering the free pattern, it has absolutely opened a new world for me and I am so excited! Sincerely, Penny S. Cocoa, Florida"

Penny used Caron Simply Soft in color Grey Heather #9742.Penny_Talia

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Elaine's Talia Vest

Wow - I can hardly keep up with the #82 Talia Shaped Vest (it's a free download!) finished projects that get submitted to the Finished Projects Gallery!  (There are over 450 Talia Vest projects posted on Ravelry as well!  Woohoo!  And to think, I designed this for Knitty on a whim. . .)

"I made the Talia vest for my daughter. in the smallest size. I love it. So does she. Really cute!! And fun to knit." -- Elaine J. from Prior Lake, MN.

Elaine used Ella Rae Classic Solid (2-1/2 skeins) in color #30, navy.

"I love this pattern. It was fun to knit and went faster than I expected. Blocking made the lace pattern lay nice a flat. Very clear instructions."Ashley vest front

Thanks, Elaine!  Looks great on your daughter.  It's so great to see this vest on so many different ages and body types!

And I agree that blocking is a must for this project.  In fact, I recommend it for ALL projects pretty much, esp. SweaterBabe patterns, as they often feature lace and other stitch patterns that will really look better if properly blocked.

Thanks again for sharing your finished vest!

Want to make your version of this Talia Shaped Vest?  Download this free pattern at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-patterns/talia-shaped-vest-knitting-pattern.htm.  Enjoy!  It's a great transitional piece from winter to spring!

Shelley's Talia Vest

Here's a very "spring-worthy" #82 Talia Shaped Vest from Shelley G. of San Diego, CA.  She used Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Cotton Yarn in Pickle 633. Shelly_Vest

This is what Shelley had to say about this project:
"This pattern was fun to knit and I love the fit of this vest. Very flattering! I was a pretty new knitter when I knit this pattern several years ago, so it's not perfect! I still like it, though, and I think that it still retains your design for the most part. :-) "

Thanks for sharing photos, Shelley.  It looks great on your daughter and on the mannequin.  Looks like you omitted the edging around the armholes and neckline to give it more of an "organic" feel.

Beautiful green!DSCN4012

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Engagement Photo Vest!

Cassandra H. of Bloomingdale, IL knit the #82 Talia Shaped Vest (a free pattern!) using Plymouth Yarn Galway Worsted Yarn in Turquoise (#738).

"I knitted the Talia vest specifically for engagement photos that my fiance and I had taken in October 09. I love that it will be forever remembered in our photos and I plan to hand it down to a daughter or niece in the future. Considering I've only been knitting for a little more than a year, at first I was intimidated by the lace and the shaping, but it was written clearly and I completed it in 20 days! Thanks for a great patternTalia1"

Great job!  It looks really nice on you.  Beautiful turquoise shade!  And congrats on your engagement!!

Sarah's Talia Vest in Cascade 200

Sarah_Talia4 Here's another Talia Vest project photo. This one is from Sarah W. of Kirkland, Washington, who knit it for her 13-year -old daughter.

Sarah used Cascade 220 Superwash in colorway # 1910 (aqua).  What a beautiful, striking shade of blue!

"I’d consider myself an advanced beginner, or intermediate at best, and had no trouble with Katherine’s beautifully written pattern. My 13 year old daughter Karinne (pictured) picked out the pattern because it’s so stylish and flattering. It was a fun, quick knit. I’m ready to make another for myself!" -- Sarah W.

Thanks so much, Sarah!  I do love that this vest has equal appeal to teenagers as it does to more (ahem) experienced knitters, like myself!

I've seen versions in so many different colors.  The Cascade 200 has beautiful stitch definition.

Ready to make your first (or 2nd) Talia Vest?  Get the free pattern from the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Patterns page.

Happy knitting!Sarah_Talia3 Sarah_W_Talia

Jessica's Talia Vest

Jessica R. from Madison, WI used Frog Tree Merino Worsted in color 028 (a medium pink/coral) to knit her version of #82 Talia Shaped Vest.
"This pattern was awesome!  It was a fast and easy knit that I would recommend to anyone - and such a chic design.  As a fairly seasoned knitter, it kept my attention by switching stitch patterns from garter to lace to stockinette and back again, but it would be a great project for someone just beginning to explore lace as well!" -- Jessica R.


I like how it looks great worn over a tailored shirt, a tank, or a simple long-sleeved tee!  If you like this vest, check out my new vest, the #100 Little Lace Vest, which will be released later this month!  Here's a photo:

Little_Lace_Vest2_300P.S. If you don't like to wait for the pattern release, join the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club this month and get this pattern as this month's free download!  Woohoo!  Members ALWAYS get the newest patterns first and free as part of Membership, in addition to a Member-only Forum, special giveaways and contests, and more!

Ease Question on the Talia Shaped Vest pattern

Dear SweaterBabe,

I am having trouble with the gauge and sizing for this project [Talia Shaped Vest]. It seems to me that if I cast on the required stitches for the small size and achieve 16 stitches over 4 inches, than I will have a garment that measures 42" inches around the hips and 35" at the bust. 136/16 x4=42 etc.

The math doesn't seem to work out. Is this just that a 2" ease isn't included in the final measurements? If this is correct than, I would make a size small. If it isn't correct, than I would make the medium. I don't know what to choose.

Thank you for your help,

-- Lynda

Dear Lynda,

The 16 sts = 4" is the correct gauge for the St st portions, but not the same for Garter and the Lace Panels....

So, the finished measurements take into account the different gauges.

The ease is only maybe 0-2" for this vest. It is meant to be fitted.

If you prefer a little space so you can wear a woven shirt under the vest, then you might wish to use the next size (the M). It may also depend on whether you plan to wear the vest open or closed.

Hope that helps!

Best, SweaterBabe

P.S. In the Finished Photo Gallery Category of this Blog, you can see some photos of this vest as it's worn - might help you see how you'd like to wear it!

Cecile's Talia Shaped Vest

Here's a great photo of a finished #82 Talia Shaped Vest pattern.  The yarn choice shows great stitch definition and it fits so nicely!  Thanks for sharing your photo, Cecile.

Here's what Cecile had to say about the pattern:
"Although I have been knitting and crocheting for years, I've never actually moved beyond making scarves, blankets, hats and the like.  The Talia Shaped Vest was the first vest/sweater that I have ever completed (or attempted for that matter,) and I still feel surprised that I was able to finish it and have it turn out!  I love wearing it!

I made a couple of changes to the ribbing along the waistline and I used Patons Classic Wool [in Grey Mix], which turned out looking great.  It was challenging at times but overall was a pretty simple pattern. I had lots of fun making this vest!" -- Cecile D., Seattle, WA
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