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Lilly Brush Review and Giveaway


Sweaters that pill? Blech!

It's definitely a pet peeve of us knitters and crocheters. Who wants to see pills and fuzz on projects we spent many loving hours knitting or crocheting?

Unfortunately, as a lover of fine fibers like cashmere and alpaca, pills are par for the course.

A product called the Lilly Brush promises to come to the rescue! Let's put it to the Sweater[Babe] test!

TEST #1: My black 100% baby alpaca cardigan (loom knit!). 

See the pills? This cardigan is one I used to wear often, but the little pills that have gathered under the sleeves and at the sides where my sleeves rub against the body of the cardigan are rather unsightly, so this cardigan was banished to a back shelf.

I used the Lilly brush on it, and it actually worked quite well! See the after photo below.

There were lots of little pills, so I did have to brush and clean the brush out, then repeat several times.

See the pile of pills and fuzz that came off? Impressive!


Lilly_Brush4And note that after all that brushing, the cardigan is just fine. The stitch definition is as it was before all the pilling and it did not suffer any damage from the brush. Hooray, Lilly brush!

TEST #2: My Malabrigo Sleeveless Cowl Neck!

After just maybe 6 wearings, there were already some big pills and fuzzing at the underarms that I didn't appreciate!

Some brisk brushing of the Lilly brush worked to remove the little pills. A slightly more aggressive brushing helped get more of the excess fuzz off. I did notice though, that if I brushed it too harshly, I was getting more halo than I wanted, as it ended up pulling some of the fibers out from the stitches. NOTE TO SELF: Go a little easier on the Lilly brushing with single-plied yarns like Malabrigo Worsted!

Lilly_Brush6 Lilly_Brush7
So, bottom line? Does it work? YES.
I do recommend the Lilly brush, as it's the only thing I've ever seen that effectively removes pills (and lint too!). And it's packaged in a nice way. No sticky rollers that stick to your patterns and everything else.

Yes, I've used sweater shavers in the past, but there is no way I will ever allow a shaver to touch something I've knit and potentially cut off a part of a stitch! So, those sweater shavers have all gone in the trash eons ago. Too risky.

And picking off the pills just seems to leave a sweater, that, well, looks picked at.

(BTW - The Lilly Brush is only effective on natural fibers. According to their usage information, synthetic fibers are too long, so the pills won't effectively come off with the gentle brushing from a Lilly Brush.)

To learn more about the Lilly brush and see where it's available online, check out their site at


*** SO, now for the GIVEAWAY! ***

I've got FOUR black Lilly Brushes* to give away!

HOW TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY: You can do one or more of the following to enter.

1) Make a pattern purchase from of any knitting patterncrochet pattern, or eBook pattern collection from now through March 31, 2014Every purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to make multiple purchases to be entered multiple times! NOTE: Excludes free patterns.

2) Post a comment on this blog post telling us your pilling story (or nightmare!). AND share this giveaway:  , or share it on FacebookComments must be posted by 9pm PST, March 31, 2014. One comment per person only, please.Before-After_Depilling

Shortly after March 31, I'll randomly choose 4 entrants to each receive a BLACK Lilly Brush (See Black one in the nice box - it's just like the Red one, but the casing is black).

THAT'S IT!  Good luck to all!*
* Giveaway prizes can be sent to US or Canadian addresses ONLY. Winners will be notified by email. If winner does not reply by email with mailing address within 7 days, a new winner will be chosen.

*** 4/4/14: Announcing the 4 lucky winners! ***


- Allison B., who commented on 3/12/14.


- Nicole S. who made a pattern purchase on 3/22/14


- Kerensa M., who made a pattern purchase on 3/23/14.




- Jennie K., who made a pattern purchase on 3/12/14.

I've emailed you all. Thanks for entering and congrats!


Noe Valley Sweater preview and giveaway

*** Feb. 20, 2014 update *** This pattern is now available!

Fave/Queue it on Ravelry.

I'm calling this new design my Noe Valley Sweater.Urban_Poncho10_500

I used to live in Noe Valley, a beautiful neighborhood in San Francisco that was said to be one of the sunniest of the city. While it was quite sunny at times, I would walk around the corner many mornings to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin and be met with chilly winds that certainly reminded me that I was still in San Francisco!

Urban_Poncho7_500This sweater is exactly what I would have wanted all those San Francisco mornings.

Lots of delicious cable work to keep the knitting interesting and to add tons of textural interest to the front and back of this sweater.

The sloped shoulders and poncho shaping give it a very urban feel add to its cozy chic quality.

Its long length keeps your mid-section warm and is very flattering with your skinny jeans.

The deep cowl neck is super cozy. 

It's a piece that is very easy to throw on top of a long-sleeve tee just to keep the chill away as you walk around your favorite city.

This pattern will be coming soon. . . getting written up right now.


Want to win a copy of the Noe Valley Sweater pattern when it gets released?

I'll be giving away 3 copies.

HOW TO ENTER: You can do one or more of the following to enter.

1) Make a pattern purchase from of any knitting patterncrochet pattern, or eBook pattern collection from now until January 31, 2014Every purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to make multiple purchases to be entered multiple times! NOTE: Excludes free patterns.


2) Post a comment on this blog post telling us when and where you would wear your Noe Valley Sweater. One comment per person, please. AND share this giveaway: , or share it on FacebookComments must be posted by 9pm PST, January 31, 2014.

Shortly after January 31, I'll randomly choose 3 entrants to each receive a PDF copy of this pattern when it gets released.

THAT'S IT!  Good luck to all!

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*** Winners Chosen! ***

The THREE lucky winners of this pattern pdf are: 
Caroline L. (who made a pattern purchase on 1/15/14),Woodman's Toy Farm (who made a pattern purchase on 1/27/14), 
and Linda (who posted a comment on the giveaway blog post on 1/15/14).
Congrats! You've all been emailed and will receive a free pdf copy of this pattern right away. 
This pattern is now available to Knitting Club members and will be released in the pattern shop in a few days. Watch for the announcement here or in your inbox if you are signed up for my email newsletters.
To sign up for emails, please do so with the "Sign up" text link at the top left of this blog page or go to the home page For more details on the $7.99/month Knitting Club, click here.

Product Review and Giveaway: Soak Wash

2454808872_e653f2d7a0I'm not big on washing my knits. It's like a necessary evil to me because I worry that the washing process will somehow ruin all my good knitting work.

Well, it turns out I should not be so fearful, as there are products that are made specifically for washing delicate (and not so delicate, but chunky!) knitwear.

With a little know how and some experiments that have turned out just fine, I'm no longer so aprehensive about washing my knitted treasures.

Soak Wash is one company that gets my fears. They have created a line of beautifully packaged, very gentle soaps that do exactly what they are supposed to.

I wouldn't even call them "soaps," as the word "soap" often means harsh detergents that require lots of suds, aggitation, and rinsing to work effectively.

They call it a "no-rinse wash," which is way more accurate.

It's intended for delicate fabrics, wool sweaters, newly knitted projects. and more. I used it to block my recently released #174 Simpatico Alpaca Stole, which was knit in an Alpaca wool blend.  Perfect_Harmony_500

I got a few dark-colored beach towels (this yarn does bleed in the wash a bit) ready on the bathroom floor. I filled my bathroom sink with some water and the recommended amount of Soak Wash (just a capful!). Then, I stuck the stole in and let it soak for 15 minutes. I do admit to rinsing very gently a few times, as I wanted to get some of the dye out in the water (vs. on me or my clothes!), but I was very careful not to aggitate it in any way - NO wringing, just gentle squeezes against the side of the sink to get most of the water out.

Then, I picked up the stole gently (didn't want the alpaca to stretch!), supporting the whole thing, and laid it out flat on one of the beach towels. I topped it with the other beach towel, then rolled all 3 layers together (like an alpaca sandwichl!). I pressed down on it using my whole body weight to get all the wetness out into the towels.

Then, it was transfered to my blocking board and pinned out to dry.

The result: a NICELY-blocked, subtly-scented stole! Very happy with the resulting stitch definition and softness too ;-)

So, I do highly recommend you try Soak Wash to make an otherwise tedious chore much better.

Soak Wash is also biodegradable and phosphate-free. They offer a scentless version too. More information on Soak Wash is available through their website at: and you can purchase Soak Wash through many online and local yarn shops.



HOW TO ENTER: You can do one or more of the following to enter.

1) Make a pattern purchase from of any knitting patterncrochet pattern, or eBook pattern collection from now until November 30, 2013Every purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to make multiple purchases to be entered multiple times! NOTE: Excludes free patterns.

2) Be a Knitting Club Member through the end of November. All Members will automatically get counted for 2 entries for this giveaway. To join, it's just $7.99/month, and you get all new releases of knitting patterns automatically every month, plus special members-only knit-alongs, giveaways, and more! And if you join now, your payment counts as a purchase entry too!

3) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you think of washing your finished knits. One comment per person, please. AND share this giveaway: , or share it on FacebookComments must be posted by 9pm PST, November 30, 2013.

Shortly after November 30, I'll randomly choose 2 entrants - one will receive the Lacey-Scented Soak Wash and the other the Celebration-Scented one.

THAT'S IT!  Good luck to all!

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And the 2 randomly chosen winners from all the entries are. . . Paula S., who made a pattern purchase on 11/7/13 and Sharon M., a Club member. Congrats! I've emailed you both!

Knitting Pattern Preview and Giveaway

Sublime_Striped_Scarf3_500Here are two patterns just off my knitting needles and coming in November.

Having three very girly daughters who love pink means the color will rub off on me! It sure has of late.

The first example is this Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole knit in an Orchid Pink/Raspberry color combination. 

The ultra-girly colors inspired me to create an ultra-feminine design.


I'm in love with this lace pattern and love it even more with color changes that bring out the pretty scalloping (is that a verb?) rows. I chose to do irregular stripes, but of course you can choose to do it differently and choose your own fave color combo.

Two-colored fringe give the ends a dramatic flourish. The sample shown is actually wide enough to double as a stole and a generous scarf. A narrower and slightly shorter scarf size (that uses only 2 balls of yarn) is included in the pattern instructions as well.

Next up is the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf.

Mixed texture cables are worked in with wide ribs to create a simple, yet sophisticated design. And of course it's worked in the round so it's seamless and a breeze to finish!

Looks great as a long circular scarf or is easily looped around the neck twice as a double cowl. The silk and alpaca blend yarn (new Magnolia yarn from Classic Elite) in a gorgeous shade of pink bordering on fuschia is a very flattering color on any woman, IMHO. 

OR, knit it in a nice blue, grey, or brown for a handsome men's scarf.

BOTH of these patterns will be released in November and are perfect for gift knitting or treat-yourself knitting!


To win a copy of BOTH of these PDF patterns, here's how to enter:

1) Make any pattern purchase from now until November 15th, 2013. Each purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to enter multiple times! Shop all knitting patterns here.

2) Post a comment here telling us which one you'll knit first and why. And please pin this post . All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, November 15th, 2013.

After November 15th, I'll randomly choose THREE entries to win PDF copies of BOTH of these patterns.

Happy entering!

Magnolia_Cowl2_500 Magnolia_Cowl4_500

*** WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT *** And the winners are. . .

1) Norma Horan, who commented on this post 11/5/13;

2) Sheryl K., who purchased a pattern 11/4/13; and

3) Anne E., who purchased a pattern 11/7/13.

Congrats! You've each been emailed the 2 pdf patterns.

BOTH patterns now available:

#177 Annabelle Striped Stole/Scarf on (Fave/Queue on Ravelry)

Also, available as part of a 4-pattern eBook called #eB0004 The Gossamer Lace Collection.

#178 Rose Cabled Circular Scarf on (Fave/Queue on Ravelry)



Preview of Upcoming Patterns!

Mustard_Cardigan_500Oddly, I find that I am able to get more knitting done in the summer, but less writing up of the patterns on the computer?!


Just a quirk of the way I work. I'm able to slip in little chunks of time to knit, but writing up a pattern takes some focused computer sitting time - which is hard during the busy summer months (when I have my 3 kids at home and the weather outside is so nice)!

How are you finding the summer knitting?

Here are the latest items off of my knitting needles. . . light, lacy layers have been front and center in my mind, as you can tell!

Top left is the #171 Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan. It's a short-sleeved, top-down topper that will add a lot of spice to your closet! A very pretty Vine Lace panel envelops your shoulder with a nice Garter stitch knit-in collar to provide contrasting texture. Then, the body of the cardigan is picked and knit down. Small cables are added to the fronts for a pretty detail.

But the best part might be the back, which has a panel of 4 cables running down, then twisted together to create a nipped in waist. This is a winner of a cardigan coming or going!

Next is this ultra soft, creamy coverup knit in an amazingly soft and silky yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas called Metalico! This yarn gets rave reviews for being so pet-able! Imagine knitting it up and then wearing it against your skin?!

To that end, I knit up this very sophisticated, yet incredibly easy-to-wear short-sleeved cardigan so I would wear it over my skinny-strapped tops and enjoy the softness.

It features a gorgeous curved back hem, lace panels that run vertically for a slimmer shilouette, and dolman sleeves. The open front keeps it casual, but the mulberry silk gives it a subtle sheen that will make this cardigan feel like it could you a small fortune.

And lastly is the #172 Cloudy Skies Scarf, which only uses 2 balls of mohair silk yarn. It has a lovely extended triangular shape that lends itself to being worn many different ways. 

The mohair in the yarn gives it just enough substance that it can be "sculpted" around your neck and ressemble a fluffy cloud. Knit it up in a light sky blue, or choose from the many other lovely colors of mohair silk available online or in your stash!

I hope to finish these all soon and release them in the next couple of months as fast as I can!



Meanwhile, how about a contest?? I'm having a hard time naming the Creamy-Colored Dolman Sleeved, Curved Hem one! Help!!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 26th, 2013:

1) Use this Pinterest button to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

(If you don't know what Pinterest is, then skip to 2!)

2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 26th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern (as soon as it's released) + 3 months of free membership in the Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern (as soon as it's released).

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear your name suggestions. . .

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Thank you for all of your creative, interesting, whimsical, and cool name suggestions for this pattern!

It was definitely a challenge to pick the winning name, but here it is: THE WINNING NAME IS. . . Tumbling Leaves, submitted by Florence Solowianiuk through Pinterest.

Congrats, Florence! You win this PDF pattern (when it gets released) + 3 free months of membership in the Knitting Club. [FLORENCE, please email me at info @ sweaterbabe dot com to claim your prize!]

And the 3 randomly chosen winners who will also receive a PDF copy of this pattern are:
- Cheryl Witte (who entered through Pinterest)
- Amanda Mier (who posted on 7/23/13)
- Giselle Dosen (who posted on 7/9/13)

Product Review and Giveaway: Knit - Baah - Purl!

Yowza! I got a nice, big sample box from Knit Baah Purl and here's my review of their products along with some great giveaways for you! 
KnitBaahPurlTo begin with, let me just say that they have a broad selection of very giftable items for knitters. They have mugs, gift tags, cards, prints for framing, and probably more ideas in the works.

Even at a first glance, I can tell from their website that the products offered by Knit Baah Purl are high quality, boutique-level items.

I was sent two mugs - one in a deep cobalt color and the other in a warm red. Both have adorably whimsical graphics on them that any knitter will appreciate, but even those that don't knit will find humorous. The generous shape and size is perfect for that cup of joe or tea that is a great accompaniment to your knitting.

KnitBaahPurl4I was also sent a big sampling of their printed products. The same clever, light hearted humor is expressed in  many different illustrations depicting sheep with funny captions.

There's obviously an abundance of talent behind these products!

Shown at right are two card samples. The paper quality is fabulous too. The "raw" edges are a very sophisticated touch, adding to the hand-made quality of these cards. They remind me of the expensive letterpress paper I used for my own wedding!

KnitBaahPurl5 KnitBaahPurl3 KnitBaahPurl2 KnitBaahPurl7At left here is one of their prints - perfect for decorating your knitting lair or a baby or child's room.

I added the pink frame and will hang it proudly in my knitting studio!

The other photos below show the gift tags, which are on high gloss, heavy weight paper (with matte backs so you can write your special message) - perfect for that finishing touch on your gift knits. Lots of fun witty designs to choose from and sold in sets of ten.

I think their products are really lovely and incredibly thoughtful as gifts.

Be sure to check out their website at and tell them SweaterBabe sent you!  They even have a cool new collection of letter cards that would be fabulous as wall art spelling out the name of a new baby or child (or the word knit!). Check their website as they continue to add new letter designs to complete the alphabet collection. Oh! And a portion of their profits go towards the purchase of sheep to help families in need around the world. How great is that?!


I have the following 3 SETS to give away (thanks Knit, Baah, Purl!!!):

1) A deep cobalt blue mug (nicely gift wrapped as shown above) with 3 sets of gift tags. (valued at $17.50)

2) A warm red mug, also wrapped in a nice box with 3 sets of gift tags. (valued at $17.50)

3) A set of 4 blank cards (assorted designs) + 2 sets of gift tags (I'll choose 2 designs). ($21.00 value)

I'll choose 3 lucky winners randomly from all those who enter this giveaway.

HOW TO ENTER: You can do one or more of the following to enter.

1) Make a pattern purchase from for any knitting pattern, crochet pattern, or eBook pattern collection from now until June 30, 2013. Every purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to make multiple purchases to be entered multiple times! NOTE: Excludes free patterns.

2) Be a Knitting Club Member through the end of June. All Members will automatically get counted for 2 entries for this giveaway. To join, it's just $7.99/month, and you get all new releases of knitting patterns automatically every month, plus special members-only knit-alongs, additional giveaways, and more! And if you join now, your payment counts as a purchase entry too!

3) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you think of these Knit Baah Purl products. One comment per person, please. AND share this giveaway: , share it on Facebook, or use Twitter! Comments must be posted by end of June 30, 2013.

THAT'S IT!  Good luck to all!
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*** July 2, 2013 Winner Announcement! ***

And the randomly chosen winners are:

Delores Gorman (a knitting club member) wins: The deep cobalt blue mug with 3 sets of gift tags.

Tanya Baltzer (made a pattern purchase on 6/7/13) wins: The warm red mug with 3 sets of gift tags.

Lucy Harrington (posted a comment on 6/4/13) wins: The set of 4 blank cards + 2 sets of gift tags (I'll choose 2 designs).

CONGRATS to the winners!!! I've emailed you all to get your mailing address info.

Featured Yarn Shop - The Yarn Sellar of York, Maine AND a NEW Vest Pattern!

Yarn_Sellar3Introducing the latest addition to our featured local yarn shops:
The Yarn Sellar, located in this beautiful building in York, Maine. 

Sweet_Hooded_Vest_500Here is a description of the The Yarn Sellar from Carrie, the owner:

"We are a local yarn shop located on the beautiful coast of Maine filled with everything for the hand knitter and crocheter, spinner and needle felter.

Our inventory includes fabulous fibers, patterns, needles, hooks, spinning wheels books and notions.Yarn_Sellar2

Follow us on Facebook, Ravelry and Twitter."

Thanks, Carrie! The photos you sent us and those on your website (at sure do convey what a lovely shop you have - very inviting with lots of gorgous yarns and a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere!

Be sure to visit to see what yarns they carry, what classes they are offering, and more! And let us know if you get a chance to visit this lovely shop in person!

You can find The Yarn Sellar at:

264 Route 1
York, ME 03909
(207) 351-1987

Carrie, was kind enough to sponsor my newest pattern, the #162 Sweet Hooded Vest. She sent me the Berocco Ultra Alpaca (a yarn I've never had the chance to try!) in the Periwinkle Mix.

The beautiful heathery color and soft hand of this yarn inpsired me to create a long lace vest with lots of feminine touches. Amazing stitch definition really helps the two lace stitch patterns stand out! Pockets and a hood keep it casual and easy-to-wear.

See this pattern at

See this pattern at Ravelry (you can Fave or Queue it!).

Thanks, Carrie, for sponsoring this new pattern, introducing me and my audience to your pretty shop, and letting me experience this great yarn!

The Yarn Sellar is also sponsoring a fabulous giveaway!! They generously donated more Berroco Ultra Alpaca so that one of you can make this vest!

Here's how to enter the giveaway for a #162 Sweet Hooded Lace Vest Kit ($70 retail value! Includes the pdf pattern + 6 hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Irwin Green Mix #6273, which is enough to make the XS - 1X sizes):Sweet_Hooded_Vest4_500Berroco_Irwyn_Green

1) Enter a comment here about The Yarn Sellar, Berroco Ultra Alpaca, or the new pattern by 9pm PST, May 8, 2013. One comment per person only, please.

2) Pin this giveaway (using the Pin It button here: ) and follow SweaterBabe on Pinterest by clicking this button: Follow Me on Pinterest.
One pin per person, please. Pin by May 8, 9pm PST.


Thanks for all the great entries here on the blog and through Pinterest!

The randomly chosen winner is. . .  Jan K., who commented here on 4/18/13.

Congrats! I'll email you.

See the #162 Sweet Hooded Vest knitting pattern here.

Little Pig Pottery - a Yarn Bowl review and giveaway!

I've long admired ingenious yarn bowls and hand-made pottery. Now, I've had the great opportunity to review 2 lovely samples in person! Little_Pig_Pottery2

Little Pig Pottery makes very unique yarn bowls. They are almost too pretty to use (I said, almost!).

What's nice, is that these bowls easily pass for expensive art objects in your craft room, while being easily accessible when you need to tame that ball of yarn as you knit or crochet!

The concept of a yarn bowl is simple, but these bowls are far from basic. The larger sample is an adorable pig pot! A nice size for any larger balls of yarn and plenty sturdy to sit on the ground by your feet or on a side table to feed you your yarn. Little_Pig_Pottery5

Great craftmanship cannot be faked. These are hand-made and hand-finished and definitely one-of-a-kind pieces.

The smaller yarn bowl is perfect for the smaller balls of yarn that you will get with the lighter weights of yarn. The notches on the side are angled so the yarn can't just slip up and out, which is very clever.

Little_Pig_Pottery Little_Pig_Pottery3The larger Pig one is quite substantial in height and could handle a fairly big ball of yarn! Adorable pigtail detailing on the back. Little_Pig_Pottery7

Both have very smooth surfaces and edges, of course, so there is no concern about catching your yarn.

Here are the descriptions from Jean Ann, the artist behind Little Pig Pottery:

"Ms. Pig is a smug little character with a lovely satin surface.  She, like most pigs, is of generous proportions. She began as a stoneware cylinder on the wheel and sports a casual cord cut foot.  A curly rim cut for a tail was made to allow a yarn thread to pass through.  Ms. Pig's dimensions are 6" high by 6" diameter. She also is a sturdy weight, around 3 pounds, to help her make a stand with the yarn pulling." Retails for $88.

And her description of the above yarn bowl: "Small Copper Red Yarn Holder that will hold a ball 3.5" in diameter.  Copper Red will also brighten any corner in your home.  It began as three pounds of stoneware thrown as a cylinder. A tight little rim cut was made to allow thread to pass through.  Exterior glaze is copper red; interior is a dark satin mat. Yarn holder is 4" high by 4" by 4” Its mouth is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter and stands on three chunky feet." Retails for $38.

Thanks, Jean Ann, for your fabulous artistry and for sending us these lovely yarn bowls to review and give away!

Be sure to visit for more of Jean Ann's work - she has a wonderful collection of whimsical yarn bowls that you just have to see!

*** The Giveaway! ***

Enter to win the Small Copper Red yarn bowl from Little Pig Pottery ($38 value)!

Here's how to enter*:

1) Make a pattern purchase from now through April 15, 2013, 9pm PST. Choose from all of my knitting patterns or crochet patterns. Each order counts as one entry, so multiple entries this way are ok!

2) Be a member of the Knitting Club! All members that are still active through April 15th, 2013 will be automatically entered. Not a member? Join by April 14, 2013 for your automatic entry and get all of the April (and March if you join in March!) pattern downloads with your $7.99/month Club subscription!

3) Pin this giveaway (using the Pin It button here: ) and follow SweaterBabe on Pinterest by clicking this button: Follow Me on Pinterest. One pin per person, please. Pin by April 15, 9pm PST.

4) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you think of these yarn bowls!  One comment per person, please. Comments must be posted by April 15, 9pm PST.

Sorry, this giveaway only open to those in the continental U.S. If you enter via Pinterest, make sure you are on my email list so you will get notified if you win!

And the randomly chosen winner from all entrants is . . .Ita - who posted a comment here on 3/13/13. I've emailed you, Ita. Congrats!!!

Pin It - Win It - Knit It Giveaway


Enter's Pin It - Win It - Knit It Giveaway!

THREE winners will be chosen to receive these great prizes:
1 GRAND PRIZE Winner will win $50 in store credit PLUS a $50 Gift Card (Knitpicks Gift Card valid only for U.S. or Canada orders)!
2 ADDITIONAL Winners will each win $50 in store credit.

STEP 1: Create your Pinterest Board
After following SweaterBabe on Pinterest - Follow Me on Pinterest - Create a Pinterest board and include “” in the title (be sure the board is tagged with the DIY & Crafts category).

STEP 2: Start Pinning Knitting and Crochet Patterns!

From the site, pin at least 6 knitting patterns or crochet patterns. Be sure to add #knitting (or #crochet) to the end of each pin's description. ALL patterns on the site at have "pin it" buttons, so you can browse any of the knitting or crochet patterns to add to your Pinterest Board.

STEP 2: Enter Your Board!
Submit your Pinterest Board by copying it's url (the link to it) and entering it as a comment on this blog post. All entries must be received by 9pm PST, Thursday, January 31, 2013.

That's it!  THREE winners will be randomly chosen from all valid entries*. ONLY one entry per person, please.
*Winner must be following SweaterBabe on Pinterest. Submitted Pinterest Board must have "" included in the Pinterest Board title and be tagged with the DIY & Crafts Pinterest category. All pins within the submitted Board must be patterns. Winners will be announced here on the Blog site. Winners will be posted in the Fans Group on and may also be featured by in its newsletters. Store credit will be added to winner's store account (if winner does not have a pre-existing store account, one will be created). store credit can be applied towards the purchase of ANY knitting or crochet pattern sold at Store credit cannot be used towards the purchase of membership in the Knitting Club. Store credit does not expire.
Knitpicks $50 gift certificate valid only for shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

SHARE this giveaway with friends!


*** 2/3/13 update: Thanks for all the Pinterest Board Entries!!! I'll choose the winners in a few days. . . ***


The GRAND PRIZE winner is Anne Burrows, who wins $50 in store credit + $50 Gift Certificate!
TWO $50 Store Credit winners are:
Mari Bigler
(who entered on 1/27) and Pat (who entered on 1/24).

Winners have been emailed to claim their prizes. Congrats!!!

Curious to see all the Pinterest Boards?:

Sassafras Creations Jewelry - a review and giveaway!


Sassafras_Creations2Reduce, reuse and recycle - great words we should all try to live by.

And apparently, the mantra can apply quite beautifully to old knitting needles!

Sassafras Creations is a company that caught my eye for it's very unique reuse of used aluminum knitting needles and crochet hooks.

I have my stash from my Boye_Needlemasteryounger knitting and crocheting years (My two Boye Needles Master sets were my prize possessions. I had to save up lots of allowance $ for those!). These aluminum needles came in many shades of really nice jewel tones. Guess I wasn't the only one who thought they were pretty!

Nancy Thompson, the ingenious designer and jewelry maker behind her Sassafras Creations etsy shop, has created a very unique line of jewelry taking full advantage of these pretty jewel-toned needles.

She cuts them into small rings, tubes, or other clever shapes and adds sterling silver to create cool bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even watches. My favorite is the bracelet she sent me, shown here. Sassafras_Creations3

I love it for it's simple beauty and charm! Small rings cut from knitting needles of varying sizes are linked together to form this bracelet. A longer piece is used with a ring cut from a bulky needle to create the toggle clasp closure. So clever!

The edges of the cut pieces are carefully polished and the sterling silver rings joining them are a nice, heavy gauge so this is not a bracelet that would snag on my knits (so thoughtful!) or catch on something and come apart (such a pet peeve!). She definitely pays attention to the details and produces high quality jewelry!

This is a nice everday bracelet for me, as it's not too dressy, but definitely has a pretty style to it. I'm not a fan of wearing too many colors at once (you can tell from my knitting designs, eh?), but this bracelet is perfect because the jewel tones are all such pretty, sophisticated shades that they work together. Plus the color is only on the outsides of the rings, so the rest of the bracelet is a goes-with-everything silver tone. It's my jangly, fun bracelet that I like to wear with my leather wrap bracelet and silver bangle, completing that layered jewelry look that is so very now.


The earrings Nancy sent for me to review (see photo up top) are very pretty as well! Just enough needle "beads" dangling from each earring to give them movement and let the jeweled tone parts catch the light. This is a nice pair of earrings for any age.

So, yes - I definitely recommend that you check out Nancy's complete Sassafras Creations line. Lots of fun stuff and the prices are quite reasonable.

These are ideal gifts for your knitting friends or yourself!

I couldn't resist sharing photos of a few other items from her line that show you her creativity (the Christmas tree earrings are strung on needle tips!) and the range of jewel tones (see the cuff bracelets below!)! Sassafras_Creations5

So be sure to check out the rest of Nancy's Etsy shop at and you'll be inspired to send her your old needles! Tell her sent you!


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