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The Amazing Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit!

WOW!  I finally had the chance to see this AMAZING crochet exibit here in Los Angeles (Santa Monica at the Bergamot Station) before it left for Chicago.  It's pretty stunning.

It's called the HYPERBOLIC CROCHET CORAL REEF by the INSTITUTE FOR FIGURING AND COMPANIONS.  Apparently, it took tens of thousands of hours for hundreds of crocheters to make the pieces in the exhibit.

If you haven't heard of this one yet, let me try to explain it (but really, let the photos below show you)!  It is a crocheted representation of the Great Barrier Reef, all done in crochet.  Imagine all sort of colors, yarns in all different textures and plies (as well as other "recycled" materials), different crochet hook sizes, and different stitches ALL made to resemble natural sea plants, formations, and creatures.

Take a look at the photos.  It was just very interesting and cool.  Check it out if the exibit comes to you!  It's rare to see crochet celebrated in this fashion!

Sorry for the LONG post - I edited the number of photos, but you can see that there was so much to look at.  Viva crochet!












Send us your finished project photos!

Our first customer survey told us clearly that many of you would love to see more photos of the SweaterBabe patterns on real bodies!  See our great gallery of photos here!

So would we! IMG_0509_300

You can help us by submitting your finished SweaterBabe project photos (like the example here from Emily H. of her #122 Tie-Front Long Cabled Vest)!  If your photo is chosen to be posted on the site, we'll thank you with a free pattern of your choosing.

Send photos of patterns to

Please send photos that:
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-- are well-lit and in focus
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Please a recent example here

We're excited to see your products soon! 

New Pattern Coming! The Cables and Flowers Asymmetrical Cardigan.

Here's the latest off my knitting needles... waiting to be written up!

It's a top-down cardigan with lots of pretty details. It has a gorgeous ribbed cable that curves down the front and finishes off the curved right front hem.

A shaped waist is accentuated with ribbing detail. The lower part of the cardigan is decorated with pretty flower and vine raised motifs.

An asymmetrical design, longer length, and wonderfully soft, drapey Andean Silk yarn from Knit Picks completes this unique design.

And here is the pretty back view:

The New Cardigan is Finished!

lace cotton cardigan knitting pattern

Here is the latest project off of SweaterBabe's needles - a romantic and pretty shaped cardigan.  It's knit from the top-down, has 3/4 length sleeves that are slightly flared, and features a beautifully flared shape.  The waist is cinched with a wide ribbon and mock-cable belt loops that match the mock-cables in the flared bottom.

Knit in Blue Sky Alpaca's dyed cotton.  It's a wonderfully soft and very vibrantly colored yarn.

Look for this pattern coming very soon!  I'll be busy writing it up right away.

Here's the gorgeous detailing of the back:

cotton lace cardigan knitting pattern

Finished Lush & Lacy Cardigan Photos

Another lovely finished Lush & Lacy Cardigan from a knitter in Canada:

"Dear Katherine,

Thanks so much for the beautiful Lush & Lacy pattern! I'm attaching pics of my finished piece to show you. It was a great pattern, easy knit, and turned out more than wearable. I'm looking forward to future pattern releases from you so I can knit, knit, knit!"

-- Christina

Lush and Lacy Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Back of SweaterBabe's Lush and Lacy Cardign Pattern

Looks great!  A sweet color choice.

Visit SweaterBabe on Ravelry

Visit SweaterBabe's Designer page on!  I have over 45 of my designs on there.

SweaterBabe on Ravelry

You can see LOTS of great finished projects with great information on different yarn substitutions!  It's so fun to see what yarn and color choices others have made to personalize their SweaterBabe projects.

Ravelry is still a "beta" site, so you will have to request an invitation to join, but it's so worth it.

Search for "SweaterBabe" to find my patterns and projects, or add me as a friend.

And if you need me to add a pattern that I haven't added yet, just drop me a message on Ravelry and I'll get to it ASAP.

See you at Ravelry!

Khalil in a Sweet Knit Cardigan Pattern

Here is the newest addition to our collection of Cute Babies in Knitwear! 

Cute Baby in Knit Cardigan Pattern

"My mother knit this sweet cardigan for my son, Khalil. It's great glossy yarn, easy to throw in the wash and really dresses him up for outings and kept him warm around the house this winter.  Yankee Knitting Designs pattern #23 (c.1994) in Lamb's Pride SuperWash 100%wool in Lemon Ice from Brown Sheep Co."  -- Megan from Guilford, CT

Send your favorite baby photos in hand-knit or crocheted projects to  Be sure to tell us about the knitting or crochet project - where the pattern came from, what yarn you used, etc.  We love to see them!

New Knitting and Crochet Patterns Coming Soon!


Here are two new projects that will be written up soon for the website. 

The first is this lovely, easy to wear long, shaped cardigan. It's done from the top down (yea!), so there is only a little sleeve seaming.  The sleeves are wide, the waist is shaped with a flattering ribbed waistline, and there are two really fun gathered patch pockets in front.  A pretty vine lace panel is worked in the front and the collar is shaped and generous.

Here's the great-looking back view:

Then, there is my new purse!  It's crocheted in a soft cotton/microfiber blend.  LOVE the colors (matches our living room, actually!).

The front and back pieces are crocheted from the center out.  The two pieces are then crocheted together and the strap pieces are crocheted.  Notice the knotted crochet accents that gather the leather straps at the base of each silver ring.  Pretty cool, huh?

The pretty texture of this stitch inspired the whole design!

And here is a view of the great lining fabric I found!  I just loved the graphic floral print!

Customer’s Finished Project - the Lush and Lacy Cardigan

Lush and Lacy Cardigan Photo

Dear Katherine,Attached are some photos of myself wearing the sweater knitted from your pattern, which I loved doing!

It was great fun, in part because your instructions were extremely detailed & clear all the way. I knitted it in Merinos Otto "Shadow", an extrafine merino.

Oddly, I needed only about 800 yards, although I got the gauge you suggested. Also - I ended up modifying the neckline in a couple of ways; it felt too loose & floppy knitted in the same needle size as the body of the sweater, & the decreases at the front looked too I did it over in 2 needle sizes down, twice as many rows, with decreases on alternate rows rather than on every row. It came out fitting perfectly.

I would note that I have felt like a walking advertisement for your website. I have had at least half a dozen women ask me how to get this pattern; I also had one offer to buy my sweater on the spot (the answer was no, but thanks.....).

I look forward to knitting more of your designs.

Pamela Yu
knitter in Austin, TX

Lush and Lacy Cardigan Knitting Project

Lush and Lace Cardigan Knitting Project