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WOW - It's 2019 and another year of great knitting is behind us! Time to plan your knitting for 2019!

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Need project inspiration? Here is a list of the TOP patterns from 2018:

1. Kimberlie [top left in photo]. The tailored look of Moss stitch is artfully combined with a pretty diamond lace to make this cowl (which can also knit up as a scarf!) a must-knit. Shop on Ravelry.

2. Laguna Ribbed Scarf [bottom right in photo]. A ribbed scarf knit up in a precious yarn is an instant classic. This one steps it up a few notches by combining three eye-catching colors with a uniquely pleasing ribbed pattern. Shop on Ravelry.

3. Adaline Shawl [bottom left in photo]. Here's a timeless and lovely shawl design. Knit from the top down, it begins with a simple Garter stitch section, which showcases the beauty of your yarn. Increases along the center line and at each edge create pretty eyelet accents and a block of nice and easy knitting. Knit to size shown, it only takes one hank! Shop on Ravelry.

4. Gossamer One-Ball Scarf [top right in photo]. Knit this supremely soft scarf featuring an open lace panel with gentle peaks along one long edge, contrasted with a bit of garter stitch. Plus, it only takes one ball of yarn! Shop on Ravelry.

5. Leaf Me Be Coffee Sleeve. Knit up one of these useful and pretty little coffee sleeves in just a few hours with very little yarn. The leaf design is charted and written out and mostly consists of simple 2-stitch cable twists. Shop on Ravelry.

6. Noe Valley. Lots of delicious cable work to keep the knitting interesting and to add tons of textural interest to the front and back of this sweater. The sloped shoulders and poncho shaping give it a very urban feel add to its cozy chic quality. Shop on Ravelry.

7. Viveca Cardigan. A soft linen blend yarn is perfect for an easy-fitting cardigan that can be thrown over many outfits. Shop on Ravelry

8. Chalice One-Ball Scarf. Pure silky softness glides through your fingers as you knit this one-ball beauty! A very pretty lace pattern, using only basic decreases and yarn overs, evolves nicely as it runs the length of the scarf. The placement of the decreases and eyelets form curves that evoke the loveliness of an ornate chalice. Shop on Ravelry.

9. SweaterBabe's 3 Best Blankets eBook. 3 of SweaterBabe.com's best-selling blanket patterns, all collected in one great eBook AND with extended sizes!! Shop on Ravelry.

8. Wild Iris Blanket. I love this very special lace pattern for its complex-looking results. But, no worries, it's just worked with simple decreases and yarnovers. The end result is an incredibly lovely floral lace design that appears to morph into itself depending on how you look at it! It's a truly beautiful fabric that lends itself nicely to a blanket of any size. Shop on Ravelry.

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Knitting Skill Levels


By popular demand, SweaterBabe knitting patterns are now categorized by knitting skill level!

To help you make your next project choice from among the hundreds of SweaterBabe patterns, I've organized them into different skill levels.

Hopefully, these skill levels will help guide you to the subset of patterns that fit your needs. 

The NEW Skill Level Categories are:

Experienced: For those that love more intricate cables or lace, these experienced patterns use more advanced techniques and stitches. Some feature short rows, fair isle, or more intricate cables or lace. Shaping and finishing may be a little more involved. As always, cables and lace are always charted AND written unless explicitly noted on the pattern page.

Intermediate 2: The stitch patterns or shaping here are more involved than with Intermediate Level 1 patterns. Some patterns include short rows, working in the round, slightly more advanced cable techniques or lace techniques, etc. Cables and lace are always charted AND written unless explicitly noted on the pattern page.

Intermediate 1: This level of patterns includes more complex lace or cables, with shaping and sometimes picking up of stitches. Some patterns are worked in the round.

Advanced Beginner 2: A step up from Advanced Beginner 1 in terms of stitchwork, mainly. Stitches include fairly simple lace, cables, and colorwork with a little more involvement. Some patterns may be knit in the round and involve picking up stitches along a straight edge.

Advanced Beginner 1: For beginners ready to move beyond Stockinette and Garter stitch, these patterns include simple lace, basic cables, and some color changes. Shaping is still simple.

Beginner: These patterns involve basic knit and purl stitches. Some patterns may have basic increases or decreases and a simple seam.

Each SweaterBabe knitting pattern has been slotted into one of the above skill levels.

That being said, it's just a guideline to help you assess which patterns might work for the skills you currently know or wish to be challenged by! 

Happy knitting!

It's time to knit! Lots of pretty patterns to choose from.


It's time to get knitting again! 

Here are some pretty patterns to knit now.

[left to right; top to bottom]

1) Mirabella. A beautiful draped neckline takes full advantage of the softness and gorgeousness of this yarn! A pretty lace for the front is contrasted by a simple, Stockinette stitch back. Shaped shoulders for a flattering fit. Also available on Ravelry.

2) Lavender. Your new favorite cardigan is fun to knit too! A simple lace pattern is used throughout. The longer length and ribbed details make this an easy-to-wear piece. Also available on Ravelry.

3) Annalisse. Gorgeously textured lace is featured at both ends of this generously sized stole. A simpler lace is worked in the middle. All lace patterns are charted and written. This is an instant heirloom knit up in the alpaca yarn, as shown, or any luxe yarn. Also available on Ravelry.

4) Adaline Shawl. Sometimes, the simpler stitches are enough to create a gorgeous result! This one-ball shawl starts with lots of Garter stitch, making it ideal for travel knitting. It finishes with a delicate open lace. Beautiful for showcasing that hand-dyed fingering yarn sitting in your stash. Also available on Ravelry.


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Beauty is in the Cables and Lace!


A good knitting pattern produces a nice finished garment or accessory that is interesting to knit. A GREAT pattern results in a finished item you can't wait to wear or gift, is lovely and impressive to look at, and was a joy to knit!

For me, beautiful stitchwork incorporated into a very wearable (or giftable) piece is easily a GREAT pattern.

Here are some that IMHO fit the bill!


[left to right; top to bottom:]

1) #241 Evelyn. A modern take on the Fisherman's sweater with up-to-date details and lace within the cables for a feminine touch. Pockets and longer back hem make it extra versatile. Available on Ravelry too.

2) #168 Sublime Cabled Hat. Simple cable twists, but worked in a 4-strand braided design for maximum visual impact. Baby, Child, and Adult sizes included in the pattern. Available on Ravelry too.

3) #96 Fancy Cables and Lace Baby Blanket. Gorgeous texture from a pretty lace panel alternated with a simple cable twist, all set against an easy Garter stitch background. The ultimate gift. Pattern now includes 4 sizes! Available on Ravelry too.

4) #240G Kiana Vest. A fabulous double cable frames petite lace leaves down the front and back of this versatile vest. A matching Women's version and Hat use the same cable design. Girl's Vest on Ravelry too. Women's Version on Ravelry. Hat on Ravelry.

5) #225 The One Hat. A great hat pattern that you'll easily knit over and over! I knit 4 of them in 4 days! Such a luxe gift knit up in a cashmere blend. Available on Ravelry too.

6) #167 Simply Divine Baby Blanket. Simple lace interspersed with cables make for a wonderfully textured blanket. Available in multiple sizes if purchased as part of blanket eBook, #eB0003 Blanket Trio. Available on Ravelry too

Gorgeous One-Ball Knitting Projects!


One-Ball Knitting Projects are ALWAYS on my needles. I LOVE to use up stash yarn and have a project that's pretty quick to knit for fast gratification! Plus, I always need a few projects that are grab and go. Whether I'm in the school pick-up line, or at one of my kid's classes, I like to get my knitting in whenever possible, don't you?

Above are some great One-Ball Projects. Want more options? Check out the FULL selection of One-Ball Knitting Patterns or One and Two-Ball Knitting Patterns.

[shown above, left to right, top to bottom]

  1. #200 Woohoo Pompom Hat. Fun to knit and fun to wear! Also on Ravelry.

  2. #211 Chalice One-Ball Scarf. Beautiful lace that is surprisingly simple to do. Charted and written out. Also on Ravelry.

  3. #160 Meandering Cables One-Ball Hat. Chunky cables knit up into this warm, cozy hat. Also on Ravelry.

  4. #231 Adina One-Ball Scarf - a NEW RELEASE! Gossamer, all-over lace with uniquely rounded ends. Also on Ravelry.

  5. #193 "Don't Ruche Me, I'm Knitting" Scarf. A MKAL winner! Lace and some strategic shaping to create the ruched look on the ends. Also on Ravelry.

  6. #207 Quick Chunky Book Cuffs. Fast and great for topping your boots! Also on Ravelry.

  7. #225 The One Hat. Oh so knitable - I made four of these in 2 days! Also on Ravelry.

  8. #214 Shawl-Collared Shrugette. A lovely option to feel a little more covered up when wearing skinny-strapped tops. Also on Ravelry.

Cables or Lace? Choose either or both! So many options. . .


If you're like me, you love knitting cables and lace! Sometimes, I can't decide between the two, so many of my designs feature both.

Whether you want your next knitting project to be a lace or cable one, you can choose from over 150 patterns featuring either and sometimes both! [Shown here, left to right, top to bottom:]

  1. #212 Azure Thing Cardigan. Big needles for big lace makes this a fairly quick knit with big impact. Shop on Ravelry.
  2. NEW! #221 Crystal Cove Shawlette. Just one hank of sock yarn! Shop on Ravelry.
  3. #216 Sprangle. A truly eye-catching cable pattern that's easy to work. Shop on Ravelry.
  4. #167 Simple Divine Baby Blanket. Beautifully combined cables and lace for a heirloom-worthy blanket.
  5. #210 Hillside Blooms Shawlette. Lace and garter stitch in an easy-to-wear crescent shape. Shop on Ravelry.
  6. #220 Marquise Stole/Scarf. A stunning lace pattern to knit up as a stole or scarf. Shop on Ravelry.

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[Shown above, from left to right, top to bottom:]

  1. #201 Off-Kilter Lace Poncho. Asymmetrical fabulousless in a very chic look for this season! Shop on Ravelry.
  2. #211 Chalice One-Ball Scarf. Beautiful, gossamer lace - perfect as a quick knit gift! Shop on Ravelry.
  3. #218H Hamachi Cardigan (sold as a bundle with #218 Pendants Blanket, which is then converted to this cardigan). On Ravelry, please purchase BOTH the #218 Pendants Blanket + the #218H Hamachi Cardigan Addendum to make this cardigan. A VERY unique and eye-catching coat to wear RIGHT NOW.
  4. #210 Hillside Blooms Shawlette. A must-knit to throw over your shoulders and around your neck. Shop on Ravelry.
  5. #216 Sprangle. Gorgeous cabled texture is fun to knit and wear. Shop on Ravelry.
  6. #208 Tiered Eternity Scarf. A snuggly cowl you'll wear all winter. Shop on Ravelry.

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Take Cover! Rock your Summer looks into Fall!

Shrugs_Cardis copy

As Summer becomes Fall, I'm always reluctant to relegate my pretty summer outfits to the back of the closet. That's why I love a great shrug or lacy cardigan. It gives me just a little more time to wear my pretty summer tops, maxis, and sundresses.

Shown above [Left to right, top to bottom]:

1) #213 Kimono Cropped Cardi. Knits up quickly in a chunky cotton yarn. On Ravelry.

2) #214 Shawl-Collared Shrugette (just released!). One ball only (for 2 smaller sizes) in a seamless, flattering knit! On Ravelry.

3) #212 Azure Thing Cardigan. Gorgeous all-over lace is a beautiful accent to your summer dresses. On Ravelry.

4) Back view of the #214 Shawl-Collared Shrugette.

MORE Cardigan Knitting Patterns

MORE Shrug and Poncho Knitting Patterns

Go Big or [Just] Go Knit!


Knitting season is really here! Despite the 90+ degree weather we're having this week in Southern California, I've got bigger knitting projects on my mind and "to-knit" list!

Here are some BIG projects to challenge and occupy you with gorgeous texture and patterning. Your knitting hours will be rewarded with statement pieces for you to wear or showcase proudly in your home!

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. #182 Noe Valley Sweater. My go-to layer on chilly fall mornings. On Ravelry.
  2. #191 Tabitha Cocoon Cardigan. On Ravelry.
  3. #218 Pendants Blanket (baby, lap, or throw sizes!). On Ravelry.
  4. #201 Off-Kilter Lace Poncho. On Ravelry.
  5. #206 Floral Top-Down Cape. On Ravelry.
  6. #218H Hamachi Cardigan (it starts with the baby-sized Pendants Blanket, then gets converted into this amazing cardigan!). On Ravelry.
  7. #189 Travelling Cables Blanket (4 sizes included). On Ravelry.
  8. #205 Two-Way Wrap Cardigan (multiple textures combine for a very wearable and modern shape). On Ravelry.

Not ready for the BIG project? I've ALWAYS got the One and Two-Ball Projects to keep your knitting bag full!



The MUST-HAVE Two-Way Layer for Spring and Summer!

UPDATE - this patten is now available. #212 Azure Thing Cardigan. Happy knitting!

Fresh off my knitting needles is this versatile, chunky cotton, lace knit topper!

I love that it was a quick knit on big needles. And the vibrant blue is just stunning!

Even better, I love to wear it two totally different ways! Right side up (first and last photo), it's a vest/short-sleeve open cardi. Then, flip it over (second photo) and it's a so-of-the-moment shrug! Either way lets the open lace stitch stand out. I'm gonna be wearing this a lot!




Think I should wear this to Vogue Knitting Live? I'll be there - Pasadena, CA on the 18th!


WOW - thanks for all the lovely comments! YIKES - this pattern is quite literally just off my needles. I finished it last week and have worn it a lot already! I'll write it up as fast as possible!! It will most likely be a May release.