Knitwear Trend: Texture!!

Trend_Textured_A600If you follow any of the fashion blogs, you'll hear that a big trend in knitwear this season is TEXTURE!

Here is a selection of knitting patterns from SweaterBabe for you, so you can easily stay on trend with your knitting!

Whether you love cable knitting, cables combined with lace, or cables and some knit/purl textures, you're in luck with these options!

[Left, top to bottom:]

1) #178 Rose Cabled Circular Scarf. Lovely in this striking rose color, but would be very handsome in a sophisticated grey or blue.

2) #161 Chunky Cabled Cowl. An incredibly FAST knit on size 13 needles and in the round!

3) #174 Simpatico Alpaca Stole (or Scarf). Two patterns in one, both with gorgeous cables that wave and travel lengthwise with a leaf lace pattern in perfect harmony.

[Right, top to bottom]:

1) #164 Night and Day Eternity Scarf. Two modern textures combine beautifully to envelope your neck in warmth and style!

2) #125 Luxe Infinity Scarf. Curving, scalloped columns interspersed with garter stitch make for a fabulously interting knitting project and finished scarf.

3) #134 Slouchy Trellis Cabled Hat. Bold intertwining cables and bobbles combine for a very stunning hat. 

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Here's a pattern suggestion:

#152 Violet Zig Zag Shawl PDF Knitting Pattern




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Preview of Upcoming Patterns!

Mustard_Cardigan_500Oddly, I find that I am able to get more knitting done in the summer, but less writing up of the patterns on the computer?!


Just a quirk of the way I work. I'm able to slip in little chunks of time to knit, but writing up a pattern takes some focused computer sitting time - which is hard during the busy summer months (when I have my 3 kids at home and the weather outside is so nice)!

How are you finding the summer knitting?

Here are the latest items off of my knitting needles. . . light, lacy layers have been front and center in my mind, as you can tell!

Top left is the #171 Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan. It's a short-sleeved, top-down topper that will add a lot of spice to your closet! A very pretty Vine Lace panel envelops your shoulder with a nice Garter stitch knit-in collar to provide contrasting texture. Then, the body of the cardigan is picked and knit down. Small cables are added to the fronts for a pretty detail.

But the best part might be the back, which has a panel of 4 cables running down, then twisted together to create a nipped in waist. This is a winner of a cardigan coming or going!

Next is this ultra soft, creamy coverup knit in an amazingly soft and silky yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas called Metalico! This yarn gets rave reviews for being so pet-able! Imagine knitting it up and then wearing it against your skin?!

To that end, I knit up this very sophisticated, yet incredibly easy-to-wear short-sleeved cardigan so I would wear it over my skinny-strapped tops and enjoy the softness.

It features a gorgeous curved back hem, lace panels that run vertically for a slimmer shilouette, and dolman sleeves. The open front keeps it casual, but the mulberry silk gives it a subtle sheen that will make this cardigan feel like it could you a small fortune.

And lastly is the #172 Cloudy Skies Scarf, which only uses 2 balls of mohair silk yarn. It has a lovely extended triangular shape that lends itself to being worn many different ways. 

The mohair in the yarn gives it just enough substance that it can be "sculpted" around your neck and ressemble a fluffy cloud. Knit it up in a light sky blue, or choose from the many other lovely colors of mohair silk available online or in your stash!

I hope to finish these all soon and release them in the next couple of months as fast as I can!



Meanwhile, how about a contest?? I'm having a hard time naming the Creamy-Colored Dolman Sleeved, Curved Hem one! Help!!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 26th, 2013:

1) Use this Pinterest button to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter #SweaterBabe.com (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

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2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 26th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern (as soon as it's released) + 3 months of free membership in the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern (as soon as it's released).

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear your name suggestions. . .

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Thank you for all of your creative, interesting, whimsical, and cool name suggestions for this pattern!

It was definitely a challenge to pick the winning name, but here it is: THE WINNING NAME IS. . . Tumbling Leaves, submitted by Florence Solowianiuk through Pinterest.

Congrats, Florence! You win this PDF pattern (when it gets released) + 3 free months of membership in the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club. [FLORENCE, please email me at info @ sweaterbabe dot com to claim your prize!]

And the 3 randomly chosen winners who will also receive a PDF copy of this pattern are:
- Cheryl Witte (who entered through Pinterest)
- Amanda Mier (who posted on 7/23/13)
- Giselle Dosen (who posted on 7/9/13)

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Preview of two upcoming knitting pattern and a Giveaway!

Gossamer_Scarf5_500It's a challenge to want tocreate and knit my fall/winter knitwear designs when I'm still needing A/C all the time. . . . so to delay (uh oh, procranstination!) the more wintery knitting projects, I'veGossamer_Scarf4_500 just knit a few smaller items that have been great transition projects!

First up is a fabulously light and airy lace scarf. I loved making this because it was knit from just one ball of lace-weight silk/kid mohair yarn!

And it was a quick knit once I got the hang of the lace pattern. The resulting scarf is truly feminine and a nice addition to my scarf collection.

I'm also pleased with how the silkiness of the yarn keeps it soft, but the kid mohair in it gives it just enough body that it drapes without just sliding around and looking limp.

It sits very flatteringly against your body and neck no matter how you wear it. . .  without the bulkiness and heaviness of a wool scarf.

Next up is the textured lace baby blanket. Fancy_Lace_Baby_Blanket2_500 Fancy_Lace_Baby_Blanket4_500The yarn is a cotton/modal blend that came in this gorgeous shade of blue/lilac called Hydrangea. This yarn, Shine Worsted from Knitpicks.com, is one I've used very successfully before for a baby blanket, as it is machine washable, mostly cotton (so no wool to irritate little babies), and has truly amazing stitch definition.

I bordered the blanket with a seed stitch to give it a very finished look with very little effort (it's all knit in one piece!).


[Excuse the color variance in the photos, the actual color is between these two shots! It is a really pretty blue/lilac that would work well for baby girls OR boys, IMHO)]




3 lucky winners will be chosen randomly from all entrants to receive BOTH of these patterns as soon as they are released!

To enter this giveaway, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, September 28, 2012:

1) Use Pinterest to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter #SweaterBabe.com (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!). Click this to pin the Scarf photo;

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2) Enter a comment on this blog post telling us what you've kind of things you have been knitting to get ready for fall.

After September 28th, I'll pick 3 random entries to win free PDF copies of BOTH of these patterns.

 Good luck to all!

*** Winner Announcement! *** Congrats to Linda Keefe (who pinned on Pinterest), Sheela (who commented 9/17/12 on this blog post), and Lori Szymanik (sho pinned on Pinterest)!! You each won PDF copies of both of these patterns.

Preview of the Divine Beaded Lace Cardigan and a Contest!

Top-Down Cardigan Sometimes, a superDainty_Sleeve_Beaded_Top3_400 gorgeous yarn just has me stumped!

What design can I come up with that will allow me to make the most of the yarn's beauty?!

Well, here is the result of many hours of racking my brain to create a piece that justifies the use of such a lovely yarn… Tilli Tomas’ Symphony Lace. The color is Midnight Borealis, which is a stunning shade of purple (or amethyst?) with subtle blue accents in it and lots of sparkly iridescent beads scattered throughout. 

This cardigan is a top-down design, lending itself to easy adjustments to suit your needs. I make mine a longer, tunic length with tiny sleeves so it would layer well oSymphony_Lace2_350ver a skinny strapped evening dress or a tank and slim pants.

The lace pattern is a lovely open leaf design that I'm very pleased with.  The open sections are a wonderful contrast to the more closed center section.

This is a versatile pattern that would work equally well with a simpler yarn. . . ideally still lace weight to really bring out the airy-ness.

Maybe even in cream or white for a summer wedding?

Pattern to be released soon… likely at the beginning of July. Be sure to sign up for my email updates at http://www.sweaterbabe.com to be notified of it's release!

OR Fave it on Ravelry.com so you won't forget about this one! http://www.ravelry.com/projects/SweaterBabe/beaded-tunic-vest 


I need help naming this pattern! As you may know, I tend to use long descriptive names for my patterns. . . but this one is defying me.  I can't think of a name that will give it justice!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 6th, 2012:

1) Use Pinterest to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter #SweaterBabe.com (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

(If you don't know what Pinterest it, then skip to 2!)

2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 6th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern + 3 months of free membership in the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern.

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear the suggestions. . .



THE WINNING NAME FOR THIS PATTERN IS. . . Whispering Lace Leaves Cardigan, submitted by Dianne Shiozaki through Pinterest. Congrats Dianne! You  win the PDF pattern + 3 months of membership in the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club!

There were SOOO many to chose from, I went ahead and chose 3 runner-ups to each win a copy of the pattern too:
1) Gossamer Trellis, from Loreen O., who posted on the blog 6/25/12.
2) Cascading Wisterias, from Lani Smith, who posted on 6/21/12.
3) Shimmery Midnight Dream, from Susan, who posted on 6/21/12. (pretty name, but when I add "by SweaterBabe.com," it can becomes a bit "adult-only" LOL ;-)

Congrats to all and thanks for a making this such a fun contest!

AND of course, this pattern is now available for all:
See the NEW #141 Whispering Leaves Lace Top-Down Cardigan in the pattern shop!

P.S. This is July 2012's pattern download for members of the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club. Not a member? JOIN in July and get this new pattern right away as part of your $7.99/month membership!



Preview the upcoming Malabrigo Luxe Blanket knitting pattern

Malabrigo_Cable_Blanket3_350The softness of Malabrigo Merino Worsted yarns just lends itself beautifully to cables and blankets!

I was itching to knit something a little challenging stitch-wise, but simple in shape.  Well, here it is! Malabrigo_Cable_Blanket2_350

This is a baby blanket-sized (or a great lap-size) project that features a glorious cable design that was challenging (in terms of paying attention vs. watching a TV show that was too involving!), but so well worth the effort!

I'll be writing up this pattern soon, and probably including an adult-sized version in the pattern for those of you with more ambition and time on your hands than me!


Let me what you think of doing fancy cables and what shows you can't watch (ha ha) when focusing on your knitting?!

** May 29th UPDATE **
The #150 Malabrigo Luxe Cabled Blanket pattern is now available!

The Covetable Cabled Cape and more upcoming patterns!

Cabled_Cape2c_350Here's a sneak peek at 3 new/upcoming patterns.

First is the #138 Covetable Cabled Cape.  Drama + Cables + Lace + Cozy Warmth!

This dramatic cape is knit from the top-down in one piece (except for the front patch pockets). Bold and beautiful wide cable panel in the back is echoed on the patch pockets. Cabled_Cape_Back_350A contrasting, bold lace panel runs down each side, Arm slits are knit in.

This is a truly unique statement piece!  And very wearable right now.

It's knit in knitpicks Cadena yarn.  The sample is knit in Thyme, a very versatile green.

Drawstring_Cowl4_350The #138 Covetable Cape pattern is available now!

Next up is the Drawstring Lace Cowl (now available for FREE!!).  This whimsical cowl is easy to make, and so easy to wear!  Beautiful yarn in a flattering wear-with-everything shade makes this a cowl that you can reach for again and again.

Worked in the round with a crocheted chain drawstring and pom poms to keep it fun!

Knit in knitpicks Gloss HW yarn, which has a beautiful sheen and feel.

Hippie_Hat4_350Lastly is the One-Ball Hippie Lace Hat (now available for FREE!).  Give your wardrobe a punch of style with this quick knit hat! 

The sample is slouchy, but the instructions include a less-slouchy version too.  Big needles, unique lace stitch, knit in the round. 

Wonderful colors to choose from in Classic Elite Montera yarn - only one hank needed for either the slouchy or less-slouchy version!

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Preview the Three Flavor Delight Cardigan pattern (and enter to win the PDF!)

Malabrigo_Kiana_350 Forgive my sense of humor. . . my DH's favorite dish at the local Chinese restaurant is called "Three Flavor Delight."  I'm thinking it's a great name for this new upcoming pattern.

As you can see, it fits all three of my girls!  And I can't decide who it looks better on (being a fair Mommy at all costs!).

It fits beautifully on my 3-year old (left) and the girly flared fit (A-line, really) is so cute on her!


On my 6-year old (right), it's bracelet-length (but so easily made longer or shorter as, yes. . .  drum roll here. . . it's a top-down design!!!!).  The fit is shorter on her, but the shape still totally works!! 

And then, my-8-year old looks great in it!  The same sleeves are more of a 3/4 length on her, and it's more fitted, but that's how she likes it too.

I'm loving this design, as I was able to make something that will truly grow with the child!  (And I've got the photos to prove it!  Ha ha.)

The design also features 3 heart motifs running down the fronts.  Two smaller hearts, then a larger heart adorns the knit-in pockets (which are perfect for little girl's treasures and were added as a response to my 6-year old asking, "Mommy, where are the pockets?").  The back features a pretty lace panel that is simple to work.

Malabrigo_Sammi_350 Malabrigo_TaliaB_350 Increases along the sides create the slight flare/A-line shape that is just so adorable on girls IMHO and is easily continued if the length of the cardigan needs to be longer.

Oh - and did I forget to mention that this sample was knit with just 2 hanks of Malabrigo worsted?  So, it's incredibly soft, has beautiful color options (this color is called Dusty), and is a wonderful yarn to work with!  No "Mommy, this is so itchy!" complaints from these models ;-)

I've not written this one up yet, but it will be ready most likely in March.

*** PDF Pattern Giveaway!  Enter to win a copy of the Three Flavor Delight pattern when it gets released! ***

Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you think of this pattern.  One comment per person, please.  All comments must be in by 9pm PST, February 29, 2012.  And please also "like" this blog post using the Facebook link below.

2) Purchase any SweaterBabe.com knitting or crochet pattern from now until 9pm PST, February 29, 2012.  EACH pattern purchase counts as a separate contest entry (so, buy 3 patterns, get entered 3 times!).  Start shopping knitting patterns, or crochet patterns now.

3) For Ravelry.com members, please post a comment on the Giveaway post in the SweaterBabe.com Fans group in Ravelry. One comment per person, please.  Comments must be received by 9pm PST, February 29, 2012AND please also FAVE this project here.

When this pattern gets released, I'll choose THREE (of course!) winners to each win a copy of this new PDF pattern.

Good luck to all!

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*** Winners Announcement! ***

Congrats go to Patricia H. (who placed an order on 2/6/12), Ingrid Lynch, who commented on the blog post 2/6/12, and Elisabeth B. who purchased on 2/20/12. I've emailed the three winners their PDF already.Malabrigo_Kiana2_350

This pattern is NOW available at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-patterns/three-flavor-delight-top-down-cardi.htm.


Featured Yarn Company - Namaste Farms and a giveaway

Namaste(RGB)Calling Namaste Farms a cool Yarn Company is accurate, but a complete understatement!

Not only do they produce one-of-a-kind yarns that I've never seen before, but the Sheep_12y hand create the yarns from the rare, award-winning sheep breeds they raise on the farm!

Natalie Redding is the fiber artist behind the Namaste Farms line of luxury fibers.  On her farm in Temucula, CA, she has: 

  • Champion Wensleydale Longwools
  • Gotlands and Bluefaced Leicesters
  • Racka Sheep
  • Old English Babydoll Southdowns
  • Angora and Pygora goats

And that's only a partial list of the animals she raises at her farm! Goats_03

As if running a farm with 85 to 100 animals isn't keeping her busy enough, Natalie hand spins and hand dyes all of the yarns with only a few others to help, so each hank is incredibly special and unique. (And if you are curious about the process of creating and handling fine fibers, spinning, etc., check out her YouTube videos!)

When she approached me to design something with her yarns, I just had to say yes!  Plus, she developed a special color, called "Babe" just for me!  "Babe" features a gorgeous blend of pinks and mango tones with hints of turquoise.  And it's the perfect backdrop for the Hello Kitty Charms that are part of the yarn (see the top hank below)!  I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty, so combining my love of yarn + knitting + Hello Kitty is like a dream come true!
"Babe" is also available as a color in her "Ohm Kid Mohair" yarn (see the bottom two hanks here, which I'll be giving away later in this post, BTW!)

To buy Namste Farms yarns, see the line exclusively at YarnMarket.com.

To learn more about this unique Yarn Company, visit their website at www.namastefarms.com, on YouTube (namastefarms), and on blogtalk radio at
blogtalk: Namaste Farms, where Natalie talks about farming, interviews designers, and much more!

And thank you, Natalie, for sponsoring my latest pattern, the #135 Babe Zip-Front Hello Kitty Cardigan (with matching Cowl!)   This top-down design features the Charmed-Hello Kitty yarn mentioned above that is completely one-of-a-kind! See it exclusively at YarnMarket.com.

Babe_Zip_Front_Cardi_350The all-over cable design wth short-sleeves is in a coordinating color of Malabrigo Worsted.  The Charmed-Hello Kitty yarn worked perfectly with it as an accent on the knit-in pockets and along the bottom border.

See more photos and purchase info for the #135 Babe Zip-Front Hello Kitty Cardigan, now available in the Knitting Patterns shop!

AND lastly, I have 2 hanks of Namaste Farms Ohm Mohair yarn (sorry, NOT the one with the Hello Kitty charms!) in color "Babe" to give away!

To enter this contest:

1) Post a comment on this blog entry by 9pm PST, January 31, 2012 and tell us what you would do with a hank of this gorgeous yarn!  One comment per person, please.  And please also SHARE this post using the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook links below.

2) Post a comment on the Ravelry.com Forum post in the SweaterBabe.com Fans group announcing this giveaway by 9pm PST, January 31, 2012, telling us what you would do with a hank of this gorgeous yarn.  One comment per person, please.  Also, please "fave" this pattern on the SweaterBabe patterns page at Ravelry.com. 

After the end of the month, I'll choose 2 random commenters to each be sent a hank of the Namaste Yarns Ohm yarn in "Babe" color. 

Good luck to all! Sorry, but winning hanks can only be sent to U.S. and Canada addresses.


*** Winners Announcement ***

Congrats to go CoriInKansas on Ravelry, who commented on Ravelry January 24th and to Ann, who commented on the SweaterBabe.com Blog for this giveaway on January 24th.

You'll each be receiving one hank of the Ohm yarn in Babe (Each hank retails for $44.85!)  Woohoo!