Two New Knitting Jacket Patterns on Their Way!

Short Sleeved Jacket Knitting Pattern

Red Long Knit Jacket Knitting Pattern

Here is a preview of the two latest patterns coming soon!  Both are knit from the top down, so the only seam is really the sleeve seams!  The beauty of this too is that you can decide how long you want the sleeves.  Both of the models are knit with sleeves that can be worn at the new 3/4 length (if you keep the sleeve garter bands unfolded), or at the short-sleeve length.  Interesting sleeve lengths and styles are definitely the thing for this fall/winter season.

Both feature fun pockets - the kiwi green one has shaped (kangaroo-like) patch pockets and the long jacket has knit-in pockets.  I'm a big fan of pockets, can you tell?  They add interesting detail to a sweater and are great for holding little things or keeping your hands warm.

Bulky yarns are used to knit both, so they are fairly quick projects. 

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My Latest Knitting Project - A LUSH and Lacy Cardigan!

I just finished my latest knitting project, a cute cardigan knit in Classic Elite Lush yarn.  It's amazing what you can get done when your web access is down for a week (ahem!).

If you have ever used Lush yarn, you know how soft and luxurious it really is.  It's a great camel/chocolate brown color too.

This cardigan has LOTS of cool details, like the slightly belled, elbow-length sleeves, the lace panels that emerge from the great front pockets, and a little fit and flare back waist accent (wait until you see the picture of this!).

I finally visited my favorite button store, aptly named The Button Store, to pick buttons for this cardigan. It's here in Los Angeles on 3rd street and has the most amazing buttons.  The lady that works there is very lovely and I always end up with her first suggestion.  The ones I chose for this cardigan are gorgeous glass antique buttons.  They really add to the cardigan, don't you think??  The Button Store will be reproducing these buttons so they will be available for all very soon.

Look for this pattern to be published soon on SweaterBabe.com.  I'll try to get this one out fast!  (The sales manager at BCBG loved it when I wore it our last night.)

Lush and Lacy Knit Cardigan Picture

OK - here's a photo of the back with the ruffled peplum!  I've been wanting to make a sweater with this detailing for so long!

Lush and Lacy Cardigan Knitting Project Back View

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